Butragueño on Cristiano’s potential return: "We’ll see"

Real Madrid’s Director of Institutional Relations spoke to Sky about Cristiano’s mooted return to Madrid and left the door open to the Portuguese star.


The chances of Cristiano returning to Real Madrid is the question which has been put forward to several club officials over the past week or so. On Tuesday, Emilio Butragueño spoke about the matter to Sky. Madrid’s Director of Institutional Relations left the door open to the Portuguese ace, replying simply, "We’ll see".

Later, Butragueño spoke to Movistar’s Mónica Marchante about Real Madrid's 3-1 win over Atalanta which eased Zidane’s team into the quarter finals:

Overview of the game: "We made an extraordinary effort. We dedicate this win to the fans, who I am sure feel very proud of this group of players. The team showed great maturity. We were sensational in midfield, reading and controlling every move. We also made the most of the critical moments of the game to score. We hardly conceded any chances. The game flowed exactly as we had planned. It was a crucial game for the club".

Vinicius: "He did really well. He was involved in a brilliant move, one which really deserved to have been capped off with a goal. He played a decisive role in the game. He’s quick and oozed confidence tonight, forwards always have the advantage in those kinds of moves. If it had gone in, it would have been one of the goals of the season".

Benzema: "He’s one of the best in the world. We’re very lucky to have players like him. Inside the area, he has a lot of expertise. Much of his goal was down to Modric’s wonderful vision and skill, but you still have to put the ball away".

Ramos: "He also needed to put his penalty away. We are happy that he's back, with his winning spirit, his leadership. It was an important goal, which gave us  some leeway and a little freedom".

Renewing the captain's contract: "He's happy, as we all are. The team is in the quarter finals which is magnificent news. Everybody knows what Sergio means and how important he is to the team".

Rivals to avoid in the next round: "I haven't had time to think about that. The most important thing is that we are in the quarter finals".