How to get Covid-19 a vaccine appointment in Florida?

On April 5, Florida expanded Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 years old and over. Here's all the information you need on how to book a vaccine appointment.

How to get Covid-19 a vaccine appointment in Florida?

Like the rest of the country, Florida’s vaccination drive is moving fast. As of Saturday, more than 7.9 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had been administered in the state, with 38% of the population having received at least one shot, while almost 24% are now fully vaccinated. This is according to the latest report by the Florida Health Department.

According to the report, 526,166 people have received the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine (which is now on pause as federal authorities investigate its possible links to a rare blood clot disorder suffered by six recipients of the jab in the US), while another 4,486,166 people have completed the two-dose series needed for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

Based on current projections, Florida will half of its population vaccinated by 16 June; 75% by 31 July and 85% by 3 September.

Who is eligible for a vaccine in Florida?

On April 5, Florida expanded Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 years old and over. All individuals under the age of 18 receiving a vaccine must be accompanied by a guardian and complete the Covid-19 vaccine screening and consent form. You can download a copy here. Vaccines are free to eligible residents.

Camila Gutierrez, a junior at Florida International University, receives a Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine from Jason Rodriguez, a pharmacy student, at the Jackson Memorial Hospital on April 15, 2021 in Miami, Florida.

Vaccine appointments in Florida

Florida has many sites that are providing Covid-19 vaccines, including hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies and federal mass vaccination sites.

But although vaccine eligibility has been expanded to all adults, supplies are limited and appointments may not be available at several of these sites.

Florida residents looking for a vaccine should also be aware that some locations are only serving very specific populations, such as frontline health care workers. Appointments are required and vaccine availability will vary from day to day and week to week.

Where can I get a vaccine in Florida?

You can find a location near you by using the state’s vaccine locator tool.

Pharmacies, health clinics and medical providers

You can find some but not all of the participating hospital and pharmacies using the vaccine locator tool.  You can also visit the websites of the participating pharmacies CVS, Publix Pharmacy, Winn-Dixie, Harveys and Fresco y Más to find out more about booking appointments. The Publix Pharmacy registration portal opens Fridays at 7 a.m. for people looking to book appointments during the upcoming week.

Local health departments

Contact your county health department to find out where you can get a vaccine. You can pre-register to get a vaccine through

Federal mass vaccination sites

To schedule an appointment at a mass vaccination site, you can pre-register online or call county pre-registration hotlines if you don't have internet access.

Keep up to date with Florida vaccine developments

You can keep up to the date with all vaccine-related developments using the state’s COVID-19 vaccine website for more information or alternatively text “FLCOVID19” to 888777.