Sean Culkin could be first to turn entire NFL salary to cryptocurrency

On the forefront on the cryptocurrency movement, Bitcoin is yet to trascend into the sporting world. NFL Tight end Sean Culkin wants to break that barrier.

Sean Culkin could break barrier between Bitcoin and NFL

Former Missouri Tiger tight end Sean Culkin is not stranger to the world of finance. If he makes an NFL roster this season, he will be the first to invest all of his salary in Bitcoin.

NFL Draft 2021

Before all, Culkin will have to make an NFL roster. He is currently a part of the Kansas City Chiefs, and in the running to back up Travis Kelce at Arrowhead this season. If he makes the 55 player roster before the start of the next he is bound to make $920,000, which will eventually converted to the cryptocurrency.

Culkin will be a Bitcoin groundbreaker

Culkin grew an interest in finance watching his father when he was young, and furthered his background at the University of Missouri,

"I've always had a lot of interest in and a passion for finance and economics from my days at Mizzou," Culkin said. "Even before that, my dad was big, really bullish on gold. Early on, I was always exposed to his philosophies on what made gold an intractable investment looking at it from a macro perspective. There's a lot of overlap between gold and Bitcoin. I really spent all of my time in the offseason the past year just hearing about this growing space in crypto. It just seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger.

The former Charger and Bengal: "This for me is a long term play"

"Through education and learning and having a level of conviction over the course of time, I just felt like I wanted to be compensated from my services in football in Bitcoin."

The Bitcoin pioneer has played for both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens. Since being drafted in 2019 he has caught two pasees in 19 games in the National Football League.

"I want to do this with the thought it would continue to rise over the long term," he said. "This for me is a long-term play, a generational play. The more research I did and the more I zoomed out, I didn't necessarily link volatility to risk. I saw Bitcoin was growing at such an exponential rate.”

Last December offensive lineman Russell Okung said he would be investing half of his 2020 salary into Bitcoin.