YouTubers vs Tiktokers boxing date: who is fighting and when?

The new trend of social media stars boxing will take a giant leap forward on the June 12th as an entire event will feature Youtubers taking on Tiktockers.

YouTubers vs Tiktokers boxing date: who is fighting and when?
Matt Winkelmeyer AFP

The purists may despise it to a subatomic level, but the new trend taking over the boxing world is has carried the sport in a new direction. Social Media stars with little experience and large followings are starting to step into the ring, drawing big paydays for those involved.

Youtube vs TikTok

There is a royal rumble set between two sectors of social media stars that will take place at Hard Rock Stadium on June 12th. A team of Youtubers will go toe-to-toe against a pack of TikTokers in a seven fight card on a night being dubbed the “Battle of the Platforms.” The headline bout will be between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall.

The two have already been making preflight headlines, as a mini melee broke out during a press conference a couple days ago. McBroom, the Tiktok star, took the mic challenging the Youtube star. Hall didn’t take too kindly to being challenged and charged McBroom. A scrum ensued to the sounds of screams, laughter and flashing cameras.

Paul brothers laid the ground for social media stars to pursue boxing careers

One thing these social media influencers do best, is create a stir. The press conference yesterday proved exactly that, just like the Jake Paul incident where he snatched Floyd Mayweather’s hat of the champs head leading to a brawl inside of Hard Rock Stadium.

The Paul brothers were pioneers to this seismic shift in the sport. The first fight between social media stars took place over three years ago when Logan Paul fought British influencer KSI while his brother Jake squared up against another Brit Deji Olantunji.

The June 12 card has been structured by organizers Social Gloves. The Miami event will feature seven fights between the following Youtubers and Instagramers:

Tanner Fox vs Nick Austin

Faze Jarvis vs Michael LE

Dog vs Nate Wyatt

AnEson Gib vs Tayler Holder

Danny Duncan vs TBA

Deji vs Vinnie Hacker

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

Where to watch

The showdown will be broadcast on LiveXLive platform and is a Pay-Per-View (PPV) event.