Is Home Depot open on Memorial Day?

The annual holiday which typically marks the start of summer is also known for some tempting sales at big-name stores, but not all are keeping their usual opening hours.

Is Home Depot open on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a national holiday of particular significance, the date which commemorates military personnel who died in service.

Between 1868 and 1970 it was observed each year on 30 May, but since then it has been the last Monday of May. Given its proximity to the warmest months it is often unofficially heralded as the start of summer, and is typically a popular day for a cook-out or to pick up some pretty tasty sales.

A number of stores and restaurants offer great Memorial Day deals but Home Depot is known to have some of the best. As such, anyone looking to do a bit of home improvement this year will be delighted to know that Home Depot is open on Memorial Day 2021.

What will be in the Home Depot sale 2021?

A recent survey carried out by Numerator found that 44% of consumers expect to return to their typical holiday routine by Memorial Day, suggesting that we could be seeing an influx of shoppers looking to pick up a bargain.

At Home Depot the sales have already begun and are set to continue until 9 June, giving you a full week after Memorial Day to make the most of their offers. They are marking the holiday with savings on everything from power tools to patio furniture, and grills to home furnishings.

For a full rundown of some of the best deals on offer take a look at this list from CNN, outlining 15 of Home Depot’s best Memorial Day sales.

Where else will be open on Memorial Day?

While Memorial Day has also been a day where retailers mark the start of summer with some deals, not all stores will be open this year. Warehouse retailer Costco, a common favourite to pick up everything needed for big holiday cookout, will not be open on 31 May, so make sure you get any bulk buying done before then.

Most Target and Walmart stores will be open this year but some will be operating for limited hours. Typically that means 9am-10pm for Target and 6am-10pm for Walmart, but you should check with you local store before heading out.

If you want a bit more security, Albertsons and Safeway have both confirmed that they will be open for their regular hours on Memorial Day, serving a combined total of 23 states. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that pharmacy hours may vary so again it is best to call ahead if you are planning on picking up a prescription.