Cruz Azul CZA
Jonathan Rodríguez 50'
Santos Laguna SLA
Diego Valdés 36'

Cruz Azul beat Santos to end their 24-year championship drought

Rodrigo Serrano


Last Hour | Cruz Azul vs Santos, Liga MX Tournament

Juan Reynoso becomes the first to win a title for Cruz Azul as both a player and a coach. This is the 'Machine's' ninth title in their history. Thanks for watching the minute by minute with Stay tuned to other news.

The game is over! The wait is over! Cruz Azul wins the Liga MX title!

Both Santi Giménez and Doria receive a yellow card after the scuffle.

The VAR is checking the situation and what to do with the remainder of the game. Maybe it could end after the scuffle between players from both teams.

90 + 5

There is a fight between the players from both teams. There are punches and kicks flying all over and the referee has to make a decision on what to do with the clock running out.

90 + 4

Dorian headers a ball inside the box, but he was not able to make a clean impact and the ball goes wide.

90 + 2

Santos Laguna is pressuring up high and they are trying to equalize the game. But Cruz Azul is doing a good job defending.

Five minutes added of stoppage time.

The golden boot winner Jonathan Rodríguez comes out and he is replaced by Joaquín Martínez.


Back-to-back corner kicks for Santos Laguna and they were close to equalize the game. Fortunately for the fans from Cruz Azul they were able to control the situation.


Quite an intense encounter, both teams looking to score another goal. 

Ignacio Rivero comes out and Walter Montoya comes in for Cruz Azul.

Final substitution for the visiting team. Juan Otero comes out and is replaced by Beto Ocejo.

Another double substitution for Santos Laguna. Andrés Ibargüen and Santiago Muñoz come in replacing Eduardo Aguirre and Ayrton Preciado.


Luis Romo attacks the ball after a corner kick, but he is not able to make a solid impact with his head and it goes wide.

Guillermo Fernández comes out and Adrián Aldrete will take his place.


Santi Giménez missed a clear shot! He entered the box, but his shot went over the goal.

First substitution for the visiting side. Fernando Gorriarán comes out and Roni takes his place.


Diego Valdés blocks a shot from Yotún with his hand and Cruz Azul has the opportunity to take the lead with a dangerous free kick. 

The VAR checks the play for a possible off side, but the golden boot winner was on side and Cruz Azul takes the lead on aggregate.

GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Jonathan Rodríguez scores for Cruz Azul to make it 2-1 on aggregate. The 'Machine is 40 minutes away from lifting the title.


Double substitution for Cruz Azul. Santi Giménez and Yoshimar Yotún come in the game just before the second half starts. The manager Juan Reynoso decides to take out Orbelín Pineda and Roberto Alvarado.

Some images from the first 45 minutes! Santos goal! Great play by Valdés that goes in between three players and ties the aggregate.

The first 45 minutes have ended and Santos has been the better team. We will be back in 15.


One minute added of stoppage time.


Carlos Acevedo is having a night! Luis Romo back heel's the ball inside the six, but the goalkeeper from Santos Laguna was able to block it once again.


Cruz Azul needs to react as soon as possible! Now that the score is 1-1, they need to stop containing and show the explosion they have shown throughout the tournament. 

WOW! WOW! FIRST SHOT on target for Santos Laguna and the ball finds the back of the net! Diego Valdés is able to leave defenders behind and before entering the box he shoots a missile to beat goalkeeper Jesús Corona. The series is tied 1-1. 


Fernando Otero finds the ball inside the box and when he tried to riffled it, a defender from Cruz Azul was able to block and send it to the corner kick.


Mexico defeat Iceland ahead of CONCACAF Nations League semi-finals

After the final between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna is over, several players have to fly to Denver, Colorado to join the Mexico national team ahead of the start of the CONCACAF Nations League finals. 


71 percent possession in the Azteca so far for Profe Almada's side, Santos Laguna. Still nil-nil.


Cruz Azul slowly begins to regain possession, but Santos is on top of it.


Free kick for Santos Laguna and as the ball was entering the box looking for a header, Jesús Corona comes out with authority to clear the danger.


Cruz Azul almost scored the first goal of the game! What a chance from the home team! Escobar headers the ball from a corner kick just outside the six, but Lopez makes a brilliant save.

Preciado runs down the left wing, leaving defenders behind and when he was attempting to take the shot, Pablo Aguilar is able to block it outside the box.


Juan Reynoso could be first to win a title for Cruz Azul as both a player and a coach

Reynoso could become the first to win a league title as both a player and a coach for Cruz Azul in the franchise's history. The former Peruvian international won the league title in 1997 with the team from the capital of Mexico and he could end the team’s drought this Sunday against Santos Laguna in the second-leg of the final.

There has been at least one red card in the last 3 games between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna.


Santos is on the front line since the game started, but Cruz Azul is doing a good job maintaining balance.


Santos is insisting a lot with Otero on the right side and they were awarded another corner kick. But once again Cruz Azul is able to clear the ball.


Cruz Azul is slowly trying to generate offensive plays and take the possession of the ball. But Santos is doing a great job with pressuring the midfielders from the home team.


Luis Romo is able to clear the ball inside the six! But the referee calls a foul in favor of the Cruz Azul midfielder. 


Santos Laguna is awarded another free kick and Cruz Azul is trying to contain the offensive plays that the visiting team is trying to generate.


Santos is dominating the possession of the ball in the beginning of the game. They want to score early to control the tempo in this firt half. 

And away we go! The second-leg between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna has started at the Azteca stadium. The home team leads 1-0, but there's no away goal rule for the final.

There have been fewer than 3 goals scored in total in each of Santos Laguna's last 10 away games.

Cruz Azul have won 8 out of the last 10 home games against Santos Laguna.

Cruz Azul have kept a clean sheet in the last 3 matches.

There has been at least one red card in the last 3 games between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna.

8 of the last 10 games between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna at Cruz Azul's ground have contained an odd number of goals.

Juan Reynoso the manager who wants to end the 24-year championship drought for Cruz Azul. 

Santos Laguna has arrived to the Azteca stadium.

This is the starting XI for Cruz Azul.

This is the starting XI for Santos Laguna.


The Azteca stadium will host its 15th Liga MX final

The ‘Machine’ also has the league's golden boot winner in their roster with Jonathan Rodríguez scoring 23 goals in the regular season and one in playoffs. Cruz Azul defeated Toluca in the quarter final on a 4-3 aggregate and then CF Pachuca on a 1-0 aggregate to progress to the final series of the tournament.


Juan Reynoso could be first to win a title for Cruz Azul as both a player and a coach

Juan Reynoso was appointed as the manager of Cruz Azul for the 2021 Guardianes tournament and now he is one game away from ending the team’s 24-year championship title drought. The ‘Machine’ had the best defense and offense at the end of the 17 match days of the regular season and now they are close to culminating their efforts with the league title.


Five Cruz Azul players to watch in the Liga MX final

Cruz Azul will face Santos Laguna in a two-legged final of the 2021 Guardianes tournament in the Liga MX. The team known as the Machine has been the best of the competition and now they want to conclude it by ending their almost 24-year championship drought and lifting the trophy.


The reasons why Cruz Azul will win the championship

Cruz Azul defeated Santos Laguna 1-0 on Thursday at the TSM Corona stadium thanks to a late goal from Luis Romo. Now the ‘Machine’ is one game away from ending their 24-year championship drought and they could do it on Sunday at the Azteca stadium. Here is why Cruz Azul should win this tournament

The Azteca stadium is ready for the second-leg between Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna.

Hello and welcome to Cruz Azul vs Santos, the Championship Game of Mexican Tournament Clausura 2021 that will be played Sunday May 30th at Azteca Stadium