What states are paying out stimulus checks on top of the third federal payment?

Two states have recently approved budgets that will see some citizens receive stimulus payments aside from the $1,400 federal payment under the American Rescue Plan.

What states are paying out stimulus checks on top of the third federal payment?

Aside from the third federal stimulus checks worth $1,400, some US citizens have or are set to receive payments from state governments offering further financial relief beyond that approved in Washington.

California approves $600 stimulus checks

As part of Governor Gavin Newson’s California Comeback Plan, state lawmakers last week approved the allocation of $8.1 billion for stimulus payments of between $500 and $600, which will be paid to residents earning between $30,000 and $75,000 per year. An additional $500 will also be provided for households with dependent children.

California residents who earn less than $30,000 a year, including many undocumented workers who have been excluded from federal stimulus payments, already received $600 direct payments under The Golden State Stimulus plan back in March.

Florida approves $1k for teachers and first responders

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis approved a $101.5 billion budget which will see teachers and first responders receive $1,000 direct payment from the state. More than 175,000 full-time classroom teachers and 3,000 principals are in line for the payment.

“We know that the pandemic put an awful lot of strain on our first responders, EMTs, sworn law enforcement, firefighters and so we believe that we should recognize their sacrifice over the last year,” said DeSantis following the approval of the measure, which is expected to cost $208.4 million. Florida is set to receive between $9 billion and $10 billion from the American Rescue Plan, which DeSantis said is less than he would have liked.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a press conference held at the Florida National Guard Robert A. Ballard Armory on June 07, 2021 in Miami, Florida.

Maryland, New Mexico issued stimulus checks in spring

California was not the only state to offer stimulus payments back in early spring. In February, Maryland’s government approved stimulus payments of $300 for individuals and $500 for joint filers as part of the state’s RELIEF Act, which was passed before the approval of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

New Mexico, meanwhile, began sending out $600 payments in the form of tax rebates to eligible residents in March. The one-time rebates were available to taxpayers who are not dependents, who receive the Working Families Tax Credit, and who have an adjusted gross income of $31,200 or less (single filers) or $39,000 (married filing jointly, heads of household).

Cherokee Nation approves $2k stimulus checks

Last week, the Council of the Cherokee Nation -- the second largest Native American tribal government,after the Navajo -- also approved $2,000 direct payments for all Cherokee citizens, a measure which will be funded through money the tribe receives from the American Rescue Plan.

The measure will see each Cherokee receive two $1,000 payments over two years, and is expected to benefit around 400.000 Cherokee citizens, living across the United States but mainly concentrated in Oklahoma.