Which coach has won the most rings in NBA history? Full list

In the era of big superstar teams like the Brooklyn Nets or the Miami Heat, coaches are often overlooked, and their contribution becomes secondary. 

Which coach has won the most rings in NBA history? Full list

The NBA history is full of great teams with great players, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, to name a few. And it is the job of a great coach to guide those super teams to NBA glory, a feat that's not always easy to accomplish.

Furthermore, today more than ever franchises built their teams around one or two players and, in recent history, the big three, more exactly teams like the Miami Heat or the Golden State Warriors. Thus, prompting teams to invest more in to having a great coaching staff.

Who are the coaches with the most NBA rings?

Championship rings are undoubtedly the highest accolade and are put above all when ranking all-time players and coaches.

Counting rings as players and coaches, one name stand above all, Phil Jackson. No other coach even comes close to what the ex-Chicago Bulls coach has. He has won a record 11 NBA championships as a coach and 2 as a player.

The most of any American sport. Jackson also had the opportunity to coach two of the best players in the sport's history, Michal Jordan and Kobe Bryant, winning titles with both players. But, for Phil, the most crucial aspect of the game is the confidence in the player, considered by many to be a master at managing egos and creating a game flow that allowed each of his stars to have the opportunity to score.

Rings by coaches and teams

11 Phil Jackson - Chicago Bulls/L.A. Lakers

9 Red Auerbach - Boston Celtics

5 John Kundla - Minneapolis Lakers

5 Gregg Popovich - San Antonio Spurs

5 Pat Riley - L.A. Lakers/Miami Heat

The number of coaches who have at least one championship extends to 34, but only 14 have won in double digits. Out of those, 3 have won with multiple teams, Phil Jackson, Alex Hannum, and Pat Riley.