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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Team USA's swimming schedule - dates, times, strokes, events

Take a look at who is in the USA's swimming roster for the Tokyo Olympic Games and check out the dates and times of their races.

TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 22: Katie Ledecky of Team United States during aquatics training at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on July 22, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al BelloGetty Images

The United States have taken a 53-strong swimming team to Tokyo 2020, with no fewer than 35 first-time Olympians and 11 teenagers in the Americans' roster.

Grimes US' youngest since 2012, Twichell oldest first-timer in 113 years

15-year-old Katie Grimes, who will be competing in the 800m freestyle, is the youngest swimmer to represent Team USA at the Olympics since five-time gold medallist Katie Ledecky, who was also 15 when she made her debut at the Games in 2012.

Meanwhile, Ashley Twichell is appearing at her first ever Olympics at the age of 32, making her US swimming’s oldest Games debutant since 1908.

Ledecky is one of 14 members of the US' Tokyo 2020 swimming roster who have previously enjoyed medal success at the Olympics, together with Gunnar Bentz, Caeleb Dressel, Townley Haas, Chase Kalisz, Ryan Murphy, Blake Pieroni, Tom Shields, Haley Anderson, Lilly King, Simone Manuel, Allison Schmitt, Olivia Smoliga and Abbey Weitzeil.

Murphy won a hat-trick of gold medals at Rio 2016 - one fewer than Ledecky - while Schmitt has so far accrued as many as eight medals across three Olympics, her haul including four golds.

The US is the most successful swimming nation in the history of the Olympics, having collected 556 medals at the Games.

37 swimming events in total at Tokyo Olympics

A total of 35 swimming events will take place at the Tokyo Olympics Aquatic Centre between 24 and 31 July, before the women’s and men’s 10km open water races are held at the Odaiba Marine Park on 3 and 4 August, respectively.

For the first time, this year’s Olympic swimming schedule will include a mixed-gender event, the mixed 4x100m medley relay.

NB: All times and dates in this article are EDT

Katie Grimes during training at the Tokyo Olympic Aquatics Centre.
Full screen
Katie Grimes during training at the Tokyo Olympic Aquatics Centre.Al BelloGetty Images

Team USA Olympic swimming roster in full

Men's team:

Michael Andrew (100m breaststroke, 200m individual medley, 50m freestyle)

Zach Apple (100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay, 4x100m freestyle relay)

Hunter Armstrong (100m backstroke)

Bowe Becker (4x100m freestyle relay)

Gunnar Bentz (200m butterfly)

Michael Brinegar (800m freestyle, 1500m freestyle)

Patrick Callan (4x200m freestyle relay)

Brooks Curry (4x100m freestyle relay)

Caeleb Dressel (100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 4x100m freestyle relay, 50m freestyle)

Nic Fink (200m breaststroke)

Bobby Finke (800m freestyle, 1500 freestyle)

Townley Haas (200m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay)

Zach Harting (200m butterfly)

Chase Kalisz (400m individual medley, 200m individual medley)

Drew Kibler (4x200m freestyle relay)

Jay Litherland (400m individual medley)

Bryce Mefford (200m backstroke)

Jake Mitchell (400m freestyle)

Ryan Murphy (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke)

Blake Pieroni (4x100m freestyle relay)

Andrew Seliskar (4x200m freestyle relay)

Tom Shields (100m butterfly)

Kieran Smith (400m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay)

Jordan Wilimovsky (10km open water)

Andrew Wilson (100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke)

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Women's team:

Haley Anderson (10km open water)

Phoebe Bacon (200m backstroke)

Erika Brown (100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle relay)

Claire Curzan (100m butterfly)

Cate DeLoof (4x100m freestyle relay)

Kate Douglass (200m individual medley)

Hali Flickinger (400m individual medley, 200m butterfly)

Brooke Forde (4x200m freestyle relay)

Katie Grimes (800m freestyle)

Natalie Hinds (4x100m freestyle relay)

Torri Huske (100m butterfly)

Lydia Jacoby (100m breaststroke)

Lilly King (100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke)

Annie Lazor (200m breaststroke)

Katie Ledecky (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle, 1500m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay)

Paige Madden (400m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay)

Simone Manuel (50m freestyle)

Katie McLaughlin (4x200m freestyle relay)

Allison Schmitt (200m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay, 4x100m freestyle relay)

Bella Sims (4x200m freestyle relay)

Regan Smith (100m backstroke, 200m butterfly)

Olivia Smoliga (4x100m freestyle relay)

Erica Sullivan (1500m freestyle)

Ashley Twichell (10km open water)

Alex Walsh (200m individual medley)

Abbey Weitzeil (100m freestyle, 4x100 freestyle relay, 50m freestyle)

Emma Weyant (400m individual medley)

Rhyan White (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke)

Team USA swimmers' Tokyo 2020 schedule (including possible semi-finals and finals)

Saturday 24 July

Session 1

6:13am: Men’s 400m individual medley heat 3 - Chase Kalisz

6:19am: Men’s 400m individual medley heat 4 - Jay Litherland

6:30am: Women’s 100m butterfly heat 3 - Claire Curzan

6:33am: Women’s 100m butterfly heat 4 - Torri Huske

7am: Men’s 400m freestyle heat 5 - Jake Mitchell and Kieran Smith

7:12am: Women’s 400m individual medley heat 2 - Hali Flickinger

7:18am: Women’s 400m individual medley heat 3 - Emma Weyant

7:35am: Men’s 100m breaststroke heat 5 - Michael Andrew

7:37am: Men’s 100m breaststroke heat 6 - Andrew Wilson

7:43am: Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay heat 1 - USA

Session 2

9:30pm: Men’s 400m individual medley final

9:40pm: Women’s 100m butterfly semi-final 1

9:46pm: Women’s 100m butterfly semi-final 2

9:52pm: Men’s 400m freestyle final

10:12pm: Women’s 400m individual medley final

10:33pm: Men’s 100m breaststroke semi-final 1

10:39pm: Men’s 100m breaststroke semi-final 2

10:45pm: Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay final

Sunday 25 July

Session 3

6:12am: Women’s 100m backstroke heat 5 - Regan Smith and Rhyan White

6:24am: Men’s 200m freestyle heat 3 - Townley Haas

6:30am: Men’s 200m freestyle heat 5 - Kieran Smith

6:45am: Women’s 100m breaststroke heat 5 - Lydia Jacoby

6:48am: Women’s 100m breaststroke heat 6 - Lilly King

6:58am: Men’s 100m backstroke heat 4 - Hunter Armstrong

7:03am: Men’s 100m backstroke heat 6 - Ryan Murphy

7:18am: Women’s 400m freestyle heat 3 - Katie Ledecky

7:24am: Women’s 400m freestyle heat 4 - Paige Madden

7:35am: Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay heat 2 - USA

Session 4

9:30pm: Women’s 100m butterfly semi-final 1

9:37pm: Men’s 200m freestyle semi-final 1

9:43pm: Men’s 200m freestyle semi-final 2

9:50pm: Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-final 1

9:56pm: Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-final 2

10:12pm: Men’s 100m breaststroke final

10:20pm: Women’s 400m freestyle final

10:31pm: Men’s 100m backstroke semi-final 1

10:37pm: Men’s 100m backstroke semi-final 2

10:53pm: Women’s 100m backstroke semi-final 1

10:59pm: Women’s 100m backstroke semi-final 2

11:05am: Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay final

Monday 26 July

Session 5

6:05am: Women’s 200m freestyle heat 2 - Katie Ladecky

6:12am: Women’s 200m freestyle heat 4 - Allison Schmitt

6:23am: Men’s 200m butterfly heat 3 - Gunnar Bentz

6:27am: Men’s 200m butterfly heat 4 - Zach Harting

6:38am: Women’s 200m individual medley heat 2 - Kate Douglass

6:45am: Women’s 200m individual medley heat 4 - Alex Walsh

7:44am: Women’s 1500m freestyle heat 4 - Erica Sullivan

8:01am: Women’s 1500m freestyle heat 5 - Katie Ledecky

Session 6

9:30pm: Women’s 200m freestyle semi-final 1

9:36pm: Women’s 200m freestyle semi-final 2

9:43pm: Men’s 200m freestyle final

9:51pm: Women’s 100m backstroke final

9:59pm: Men’s 100m backstroke final

10:17pm: Women’s 100m breaststroke final

10:35pm: Men’s 200m butterfly semi-final 1

10:41pm: Men’s 200m butterfly semi-final 2

10:58pm: Women’s 200m individual medley semi-final 1

11:05pm: Women’s 200m individual medley semi-final 2

Tuesday 27 July

Session 7

6:16am: Men’s 100m freestyle heat 7 - Zach Apple

6:20am: Men’s 100m freestyle heat 9 - Caeleb Dressel

6:23am: Women’s 200m butterfly heat 1 - Regan Smith

6:27am: Women’s 200m butterfly heat 2 - Hali Flickinger

6:46am: Men’s 200m breaststroke heat 4 - Andrew Wilson

6:50am: Men’s 200m breaststroke heat 5 - Nic Fink

7:03am: Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay heat 2 - USA

7:40am: Men’s 800m freestyle heat 4 - Bobby Finke and Michael Brinegar

Session 8

9:30pm: Men’s 100m freestyle semi-final 1

9:35pm: Men’s 100m freestyle semi-final 2

9:41pm: Women’s 200m freestyle final

9:49pm: Men’s 200m butterfly final

9:57pm: Women’s 200m butterfly semi-final 1

10:04pm: Women’s 200m butterfly semi-final 2

10:21pm: Men’s 200m breaststroke semi-final 1

10:28pm: Men’s 200m breaststroke semi-final 2

10:45pm: Women’s 200m individual medley final

10:54pm: Women’s 1500m freestyle final

11:26pm: Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay final

Wednesday 28 July

Session 9

6:11am: Women’s 100m freestyle heat 5 - Abbey Weitzeil

6:14am: Women’s 100m freestyle heat 6 - Erika Brown

6:26am: Men’s 200m backstroke heat 3 - Ryan Murphy

6:30am: Men’s 200m backstroke heat 4 - Bryce Mefford

6:42am: Women’s 200m breaststroke heat 3 - Annie Lazor and Lilly King

7:04am: Men’s 200m individual medley heat 5 - Chase Kalisz

7:07am: Men’s 200m individual medley heat 6 - Michael Andrew

7:11am: Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay heat 1 - USA

Session 10

9:30pm: Men’s 800m freestyle final

9:44pm: Men’s 200m breaststroke final

9:53pm: Women’s 100m freestyle semi-final 1

9:58pm: Women’s 100m freestyle semi-final 2

10:04pm: Men’s 200m backstroke semi-final 1

10:11pm: Men’s 200m backstroke semi-final 2

10:28pm: Women’s 200m butterfly final

10:37pm: Men’s 100m freestyle final

10:54pm: Women’s 200m breaststroke semi-final 1

11:01pm: Women’s 200m breaststroke semi-final 2

11:08pm: Men’s 200m individual medley semi-final 1

11:14pm: Men’s 200m individual medley semi-final 2

11:31pm: Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay final

Thursday 29 July

Session 11

6:32am: Women’s 800m freestyle heat 4 - Katie Ledecky and Katie Grimes

6:59am: Men’s 100m butterfly heat 8 - Tom Shields and Caeleb Dressel

7:06am: Women’s 200m backstroke heat 2 - Rhyan White and Phoebe Bacon

7:17am: Mixed 4x100m medley relay heat 1 - USA

Session 12

9:30pm: Men’s 100m butterfly semi-final 1

9:35pm: Men’s 100m butterfly semi-final 2

9:41pm: Women’s 200m breaststroke final

9:50pm: Men’s 200m backstroke final

9:59pm: Women’s 100m freestyle final

10:16pm: Men’s 200m individual medley final

10:35pm: Women’s 200m backstroke semi-final 1

10:42pm: Women’s 200m backstroke semi-final 2

Friday 30 July

Session 13

6:11am: Men’s 50m freestyle heat 7 - Michael Andrew

6:15am: Men’s 50m freestyle heat 9 - Caeleb Dressel

6:35am: Women’s 50m freestyle heat 10 - Simone Manuel

6:37am: Women’s 50m freestyle heat 11 - Abbey Weitzeil

6:57am: Men’s 1500m freestyle heat 2 - Michael Brinegar

7:31am: Men’s 1500m freestyle heat 4 - Bobby Finke

7:53am: Women’s 4x100m medley relay heat 2 - USA

7:59am: Men’s 4x100m medley relay heat 1 - USA

Session 14

9:30pm: Men’s 100m butterfly final

9:37pm: Women’s 200m backstroke final

9:46pm: Women’s 800m freestyle final

10:11pm: Men’s 50m freestyle semi-final 1

10:16pm: Men’s 50m freestyle semi-final 2

10:32pm: Women’s 50m freestyle semi-final 1

10:37pm: Women’s 50m freestyle semi-final 2

10:43pm: Mixed 4x100m medley relay final

Saturday 31 July

Session 15

9:30pm: Men’s 50m freestyle final

9:37pm: Women’s 50m freestyle final

9:44pm: Men’s 1500m freestyle final

10:15pm: Women’s 4x100m medley relay final

10:36pm: Men’s 4x100m medley relay final

Tuesday 3 August

5:30pm: Women’s 10km open water - Haley Anderson and Ashley Twichell

Wednesday 4 August

5:30pm: Men’s 10km open water - Jordan Wilimovsky

Ryan Murphy is out to add to the three gold medals he won at Rio 2016.
Full screen
Ryan Murphy is out to add to the three gold medals he won at Rio 2016.Maddie MeyerGetty Images

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