AS sees continued audience growth in the US

The digital newspaper’s focus on the US paid off again in June, with over 14 million readers heading to the site for the latest sports news.

AS sees continued audience growth in the US

AS in the USA continues its success story, with the audience numbers for June showing month-on-month growth yet again, with over 14 million readers using the site, equivalent to the combined population of New York, LA and Chicago.

AS, eighth biggest sports media site in the US

That audience figure places AS in the USA as the 10th most-read site in Comscore’s Sports category (domains only), and eighth most read media site (taking out league sites and video aggregators). The category is dominated by three sites of major TV channels, ESPN (59.5M), CBS (40.9M) and NBC (29.9), while Spanish outlet Marca was in 24th place with 5.7 million.

The figure of 14 million readers represents a growth of 16% over the April. In general the return of major sport, with the finals of the NBA, the Euros and the Olympic Games driving audience numbers higher as fans seek out news on their favourite teams, players and athletes.

The Spanish-based newspaper has a particular focus on the US market, with its edition in English, AS English, centred on the US market, while the Spanish version, AS USA, is the most read Spanish-language sports website in the country, as it has been since the beginning of 2020.

AS is also the regional leader in Latin America (not including Brazil), Colombia (6.14 million unique users), Chile (6.35), and Peru (1.62- PC-only data). It ranks second in Argentina (8.29) and third in Mexico (9.14), where the edition also garnered historic records according to the June data of Comscore. world leaders in July, in all its editions, saw a record number of readers in July, with 133 million unique users coming to the site. first reached 100 million unique users in April 2020 and having consolidated this readership has now set a new record.

The ten international digital AS editions- in Spanish, English, and Arabic- provide sports fans with detailed coverage of everything that’s happening in the world of sport, with laser focus on live information and innovative narrative formats.