Panama 1-1 Mexico live: summary: score, goal, highlights, 2022 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers

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Latest news: Panama vs Mexico

Mexico will retain the first place with seven points and Panama will stay in second with five. Thanks for watching the minute-by-minute with

The game has ended with a 1-1 draw between Mexico and Panama in the CONCACAF 2022 World Cup qualifiers campaign. This is the third time in a row both teams equalize in the round-robin tournament at the Estadio Rommel Fernández.

90 + 1

Mexico with a late free kick!


Two minutes added of stoppage!

Panama makes a late substitution!


Free kick for Panama and they are looking to win the game!

Jesús 'Tecatito' Corona comes out for Mexico and he is replaced by Rodolfo Pizarro.


Uriel Antuna finds Henry Martín inside the box but couldn't find a clear chance on goal!!!!!

GOL! GOAL! GOLAZO! 'Tecatito' Corona scores after Córdova hits the post! Mexico gets a late equalizer!


Very sloppy soccer fromo both sides iin the last five minutes.

Off side from Escobar!


The Mexico national team is desperate to equalize the game and they have gone full-offense since the beginning of the second half.


Sebastián Córdova makes a powerful left footed shot from outside the box, but the goalkeeper from Panama iis able to clear the danger away. What a chance for Mexico!


It seems like he is going to be able to continue! Good news for Panama to keep their startinng goalkeeper.


The goalkeeper from Panama goes down and the medical staff has come to the pitch to assist him.


WOW! 'Tecatito' Corona dribbles past some defenders from the right flank and his shot from outside the box barely goes wide.


Panama seems very comfortable with the lead and they are managing the minutes very well.

Another substitution for Mexico! Orbelín Pineda comes out and he is replaced by Uriel Antuna.


SO CLOSE! Luis Romo with a volley inside the box but the goalkeeper from Panama made a huge save!


Panama came out strong, but brilliant defending from Luis Romo to clear the danger.

Substitutions from both sides!

The second half has started! Panama looking to retain the lead obtained before the break.

The first 45 minutes have finished and Panama has the 1-0 lead. We will be back for the second half.

Three minutes added of stoppage time.


Blackburn seems to be fine and he returns to the game before the first 45 minuntes come to and end.

OH NO! Another injury for Panama! This time the goalscorer Ronald Blackburn goes down and he asked to be substituted. 


Mexico is trying to look for the equalizer before the break, but amazing job from the defense from Panama to clear the danger.


Davies makes a foul just outside box and Mexico has a very good opportunity to score from a set piece.  


Corner kick for Mexico, but it is cleared away by the home team. 


The Panama national team is looking very solid on defense and they have been the most dangerous team so far. 

Rogelio Funes Mori is caught off side! 


Guillermo Ochoa tried to clear the ball, but left the ball roaming inside the six. Blackburn was aware and pushed the ball inside the net to score the first one of the night.

GOL! GOLAZO! GOAL! The best team on the field has scored! Panama with the game opener and it was thanks to Rolando Blackburn pushes the ball to the back of the net.


Panama has been the most dangerous team in the field and 'Tecatito' Corona, from Mexico, went to receive medical treatment because he was bleeding from his knees. The Porto player seems to be fine and he will be able to continue.


WOW Mexico was so close! 'Tecatito' Corona dribbles past a defender and shoots from the distance, but Luis Mejía was able to block it.


Mexico has no shots on goal so far.


Jesús Gallardo makes a cross from the left flank looking for Rogelio Funes Mori inside the box, but the defender from Panama was able to clear the danger away.

Unfortunate for Panama, because one of their key players, Alberto Carrasquilla, got injured by himself and he is replaced by Abdiel Ayarza.


Mexico answers back! 'Tecatito' Corona receives a through ball from Rodríguez and the Porto winger enters the box and shoots the ball with difficulty, but Mejía blocks it.


UNREAL! Quintero receives a ball inside the box and shoots with his left foot, but Guillermo Ochoa blocks it to keep the clean sheet right now.

And away we go! The game has started at the Estadio Rommel Fernández.

Game is about to start! We are minutes away from kick-off.

According to the official Twitter account from the Panama national team, 16 thousand fans will be present tonight in the clash against Mexico.

The starting XI for the Panama national team that will be hosting Mexico in a few minutes.

The starting XI for the Mexican national team.

Mexico are looking for a perfect week in the first three games of the CONCACAF 2022 World Cup qulifiers 

The Mexican national team will wear white tonight against Panama.

The captain of the Mexico national team, Andrés Guardado, is ready to command his side to win in their road game against Panama.


Mexico one win away from their best start in a World Cup qualifying campaign

The only team that has tallied six points in the final round of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers is Mexico, who are at the top after two games. El Tri now want to finish with a nine-point week ahead of the start of the round-robin tournament.

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Panama and Mexico will battle it out for the top spot in Panama City in the final stage of the CONCACAF qualifying for World Cup 2022. The home side got the three points after beating Jamaica 0-3, while the Mexicans now have  two victories in two matches after defeating Costa Rica 1-0.

Hello and welcome to Panamá against México, 2022 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier Game that will be played Thursday September 8th at Rommel Fernández Stadium, in Panamá City.