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La Palma volcano summary: 1 November 2021

La Palma volcano, live updates today: eruption, tsunami warning and latest news | Canary Islands

La Palma volcano updates: Mon 1 Nov

La Palma clean up continues

Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, it feels like the ash clean up is a constant task. As soon as you've finished, more needs removed.

Dramatic photo as young family watch eruption

Reuters' photos of the week includes this one showing a woman climbing a hill with a child to see the Cumbre Vieja volcano as it continues to erupt in Tacande de Arriba.

New dunes formed from mounds of ash

Images of houses in La Palma buried by ash from the volcano.

The Air Force drop flower petals over the cemeteries in La Palma as access is not allowed.

Spectacular footage of the lava tubes on La Palma

Incredible photo of the La Palma volcano

The photo was taken by photographer Abián San Gil on November 1.

New images of the La Palma volcano


People observe a tribute made in Los Llanos de Aridane in memory of the dead, as visiting the cemetery was made unavailable due to the Cumbre Vieja volcano exclusion zone, on the Canary Island of La Palma on November 1.

Photo by Reuters/Marco Trujillo

La Palma volcano spews red hot 'lava bombs'

Woman collects last items from house

Cristina Vera leaves her house on the island of La Palma after collecting her last belongings on Monday, November 1.

La Palma volcano - Day 43


Candles glow as people observe a tribute made in Los Llanos de Aridane in memory of the dead, as visiting the cemetery was made unavailable due to the Cumbre Vieja volcano exclusion zone, on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain, November 1, 2021.

Photo by Reuters/Marco Trujillo

In-person classes suspended in schools in several areas

In-person learning has been suspended in five municipalities in La Palma due to the high levels of volcanic ash in the air in recent days, the Cabildo de La Palma, the island’s local government, has announced. School pupils in El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane, Tazacorte, Tijarafe and Puntagorda will move to online classes on Tuesday.

Involcan video of eruption

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute (Involcan) has shared this video of the erupting Cumbre Vieja volcano, filmed in Tacande at 7:45pm local time (3:45pm ET) on Monday:

Graphic shows how Cumbre Vieja lava flow has evolved

This graphic, put together using data compiled by the EU's Copernicus programme and La Palma's local government, shows how the lava flow from the Cumbre Vieja volcano has grown and progressed towards the sea since the beginning of the eruption in September.

Roque de los Muchachos

The ash cloud of the Cumbre Vieja volcano is seen among the sea of clouds from the viewpoint of Roque de Los Muchachos, the highest point on the island of La Palma. Picture taken October 28, 2021.

(Photo: REUTERS/Borja Suarez)


New lava stream could close road to Puerto Naos

During today's press conference, PEVOLCA Technical Director Miguel Ángel Morcuende warned that there is a danger that one of the three active lava flows has branched off to form a new one which could cut off a major road if it collapses. Lava flow No.3 continues to be a concern and a new tributary of lava was formed on Sunday, which authorities have classified as lava flow No.11 - it is this stream which is creeping dangerously close to the LP-211 road which gives access to Puerto Naos.

"The most significant change to the situation yesterday was the increased production of ash by the volcano throughout the whole day, affecting the west and north west parts of the island. As for the lava flows, No.3 was the one which experienced the most movement yesterday. Part of lava flow No.11 has been leaking and is in danger of cutting off one of the two main roads to Puerto Naos. The lava is practically hanging over the main road. At the moment, it is about 200 metres away, and there is a very high chance that it might close that road" Morcuende explained, adding that two people had been added to the number of displaced residents who are sheltering in hotels.

Those affected by volcano can apply for financial help from Tuesday

Those who have been affected by the volcanic erruption on La Palma will be able to apply for financial help from tomorrow, Tuesday 2 November. Part of the package includes 30,240 euros per person, for those who have lost their homes due to the erruption. Applications can be made directly on the Interior Ministry web site. A digital certificate will be required to access the application form.

Where are most volcanoes located?


Where are most volcanoes located?

Volcanism is responsible for over 80 percent of Earth’s surface both above and below sea level, but where are most volcanoes located today?

The full lowdown

La Palma

Several flights to La Palma cancelled

The plume of smoke, gas and particles being emitted by Cumbre Vieja on La Palma continues to cause problems for incoming and outgoing flight from the island. AENA reports that while La Palma airport remains operative, five flights to the island were cancelled today - three from Tenerife Norte and two connecting flights to Madrid. The cloud has reached an altitude of 4,500 metres above sea level.

"The emergency won't be over until normal life returns"

Interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska returned to La Palma on Monday to access the situation on the island. He told reporters that the emergency will end only when the very last person to have been affected by the volcanic erruption is back living life normally and as before.

"It understandable that after 45 days facing an emergency, the likes of which we have never seen before, that people are going to be affected. There will be an increase to the 210 million euros which are needed to get La Palma back on its feet. As the president said, this emergency won't be over until day-to-day life returns for every last resident,"  Grande-Marlaska said.

Air quality in Los Llanos de Aridane is extremely poor

High concentration PM1O particles in Los Llanos de Aridane have seen air quality ratings drop to "extremely poor", according to government data. Particle matter concentration is gauged within the five different air quality categories - good is under 40 PM10 µg per cubic metre averaged over 1 hour while extremely poor is over 300 PM10 µg/m3.

La Palma lava now affects 975 hectares

The latest data from the European satellite Copernicus indicate that the volcanic lava that has spewed from Cumbre Vieja has already affected 975.2 hectares since the eruption began.

In addition, latest indications are that 2,574 buildings have been destroyed in its path.

Reflecting on La Palma plume

It's another stunning image of Cumbre Vieja's smoke plume, mirrored by the water ahead of it from the Dos Pinos dam.

New ash covers old volcano flows

Historical lava flow tracks from the San Juan volcano in 1949 have now been covered over by tons of ash from the currently active Cumbre Vieja volcano. Images captured by CSIC.

Armed Forces to lay wreath for La Palma deceased

Today, All Saints Day, is an important one in Spanish culture and it will see the Spanish armed forces laying a wreath in memory of the deceased of La Palma, where some cemeteries cannot be accessed due to the volcanic lava and ash.

For this reason, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) along with the Army will form a line on the mountain of Tenisca (Los Llanos de Aridane) to remember and pay tribute to the deceased.

A Superpuma helicopter, belonging to the 46th Air Force Wing, located at the Gando Air Base, in Gran Canaria, will fly over the aforementioned place and drop a wreath.

La Palma volcano "should be bombed" to divert lava flow


La Palma volcano "should be bombed" to divert lava flow

Talking about the flow, generally speaking there is little the emergency services can do to stop or divert the path of the lava and, in case you missed it, this led the president of the La Gomera Municipal Council, Casimiro Curbelo, to suggest a drastic strategy: using military aircraft to bomb the flows in an attempt to stop them in their tracks.

“Isn’t there a plane that can fly and drop… and send the lava in a different direction?" he said.

"Maybe its madness, but the technology today is much more reliable and I think it should be attempted. Although it is true it would have to fly at a reasonable altitude, but then it can get close and drop and… boom!” Curbelo reportedly said.

As Laura and Rob point out, there is a precedent for this solution. Click on the image above to read more.

La Palma slow lava flow

More footage has been posted of the current situation around the fields of Todoque (Los Llanos de Aridane) caused by the volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja.

From here you can see the plumes of smoke continuing to rise in the background, and the build-up of the lava closer to where the emergency services are.

Volcanic lava sampling

This is how members of the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME) together with the Military Emergency Unit (UME) collect samples of the lava temperature. It's hot!

80 earthquakes recorded in the last day in La Palma

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered, since Sunday afternoon, 80 earthquakes of magnitudes above 3.2 and up to 3.6. This shows that the decrease in seismic activity that we experienced earlier yesterday was only temporary.

The decrease in seismic activity coincided with an increase in the emission of lava from the northwest side of the main cone of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

The magnitude 5 earthquake (recorded early on Sunday) worried PEVOLCA, so it called for caution to the local population. The advice is that people stay away from windows if they feel a tremor as well as places where objects could fall on them.

Heat waves captured over Cumbre Vieja

Involcan has shared footage of heat waves over a lava flow yesterday which, as they explain, is caused by the refraction of light passing through the air heated by the temperature of the lava.

FFP2 masks recommended outdoors

The president of Pevolca, Miguel Angel Morcuende, has recommended that residents of the Aridane Valley (Los Llanos, El Paso and Tazacorte), as well as those of Puntagorda and Tijarafe, should not leave their homes while an "extremely unfavourable" air quality situation continues on La Palma.

Where this is unavoidable, Morcuende suggests the use of FFP2 masks, and ideally the use of protective glasses to avoid particles and ash. Sunday saw the air quality worsen.

Mensajero back into La Palma stadium

Yesterday, La Palma's highest profile football side,CD Mensajero, returned to their Silvestre Carrillo stadium for the first time in over a month with home games being postponed due to the active volcano.

They marked their return with a 1-0 over Villanovense with a Arteaga goal just before the hour mark enough to secure all three points for the island club.

Ash continues to spew from La Palma volcano

As we pass into the seventh week since the Cumbre Vieja volcano first erupted debris continues to spew from the mouth of the volcano.

This recent footage from ABC News shows the scale of the clean-up operation in progress. 

La Palma earthquakes continue

There was a second earthquake of magnitude 5 (on the Richter Scale) on Sunday, coming some 24 hours after the first of the same magnitude just a day earlier with minor quakes and tremors commonplace since the Cumbre Vieja volcano first erupted.

Visitors flock to La Palma over long weekend

The Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca) has restricted access to the roads near the Cumbre Vieja volcano so that security and emergency teams can operate as visitors arrive for the All Saints' Day weekend.

However, Pevolca has set up a free bus service so people can access the volcano area from a safe distance.

La Palma residents advised to stay in-doors

The local volcano emergency committee have advised residents from five municipal areas on the island to avoid leaving their homes due to an increased level of lava production from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

The five affected areas are: Los Llanos, El Paso, Tazacorte, Puntagorde and Tijarafe.

La Palma volcano: welcome

Hello and welcome to our live blog for Monday 1 November 2021, bringing you the latest updates and information on the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma.

Yes, Halloween is over, we're into another new month and despite the fact that many believed it would be short-lived when the lava first began flowing way back on 19 September, we're still going. From what has transpired since, the situation is showing no signs of ending but we'll keep you across developments.


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