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Biggest celebrity fans for all 32 NFL teams

Celebrities…they’re just like you and me! Okay, not really. But some of them share America’s favorite pastime, watching the NFL and getting crazy about it.


Celebrities are well-known for being over the top. Being fans of the NFL is no exception. Every NFL team has at least one famous celebrity fan that you’ll see at the games and sporting the team’s logo. Here’s a list of super celebrity fans for all 32 NFL teams - yes, even the Lions.

Arizona Cardinals - Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton was born in Oklahoma. If that isn’t unfortunate enough, that’s a state which doesn’t even have an NFL team. Shelton will tell you that the story of his fandom is a long one, and so sums it up by saying, “it happened”. We’ll accept that. Cardinals fans really should be thanking him because he jokingly threatened general manager (and friend of his) Steve Keim if they didn’t draft Kyler Murray, the number one pick in the 2019 draft.

Atlanta Falcons - Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson, the highest-grossing actor in Hollywood, used to be just a regular guy selling hot dogs at a concession stand at the Falcons games. These days, you can catch him on the sidelines and in team commercials, one of the most famous being their “Rise Up!” Campaign commercial in which Jackson does the narration and is featured.

Baltimore Ravens - Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, the 23-time gold medalist is nicknamed the “Baltimore Bullet”, and has been at the sidelines of the Ravens games for years. A Baltimore native, the Olympian has been a fan his entire life and has even led the team onto the field several times. He couldn’t help himself at the 2016 Olympics when he saw a reporter in Steelers gear. He had to stop them to troll.

Buffalo Bills - Wolf Blitzer

The Bills haven’t exactly been the most popular team in recent history, but that doesn’t stop famous CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer from proudly pronouncing his fandom. He grew up in Buffalo with his parents, who escaped from the Holocaust. He went to Bills games with his dad during his childhood and can now name every single Bills great.

Carolina Panthers - Steph Curry

Stephen Curry grew up in North Carolina and is a diehard Panthers fan. He can often be seen on the sidelines and rocking Panthers gear. Even the shoes he wears during basketball games are Panthers colors, and he sometimes practices with the Warriors in a Panthers jersey. He even has hopes of one day owning the team, but the NBA told him he’s not allowed to join as a potential buyer because of a conflict of interest. Maybe when he’s retired.

Chicago Bears - Barack Obama

Former U.S. President Barack Obama spent the majority of his life and started his political career in Chicago. He became a fan of the Bears after becoming Senator of Illinois. Each time he invited the Super Bowl winners to the White House, he always found a way to bring up the Chicago Bears. Even in 2016, when the Denver Broncos came to the White House, Obama compared the team to the 1985 Bears team, and in 2011, he actually invited the 1985 Bears team to enjoy a belated celebration that was canceled due to the Challenger space shuttle disaster.

Cincinnati Bengals - George Clooney

Hollywood A-lister George Clooney is a fan of this small Ohio team. He may be a big shot Cali guy now, but he grew up in Kentucky and Ohio. Kentucky doesn’t have a team, so Bengals it was. He is often seen rocking Bengals attire. Once, he ran into former Baltimore Ravens player Ed Reed. The Ravens are huge rivals of the Bengals, and Clooney told Reed, “you hurt me bad”, to which Reed replied, “they hurt themselves!” Fair enough.

Cleveland Browns - Brad Paisley

Country music star and three-time Grammy winner Brad Paisley has stuck with the Browns through the good times and the bad. Though he was raised in West Virginia, he’s always been a fan of the Browns. He even dressed up as quarterback Brian Sipe for Halloween on more than one occasion throughout his childhood. They’ve been going through a rough patch for a while now, but with Baker Mayfield, maybe Paisley can feel confident dressing up as a Browns QB again.

Dallas Cowboys - Lebron James

He may be from Ohio and basically be the face of Cleveland sports, but Lebron is a Dallas Cowboys fan through and through. He grew up in the 90s, right in the middle of the Cowboys’ prime. You can find him at Cowboys games, talking about the team on Twitter, and sporting their gear regularly. He even spends some time with Jerry Jones from time to time.

Denver Broncos - Lindsey Vonn

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn was born in Minnesota, but became a fan of the Broncos at age twelve, when her family moved to Denver. Denver is popular for its mountains and winter sports, so it makes sense that Vonn is a fan of the city. She speaks frequently about how much she loves the Broncos and is often seen at the games. She even got to meet Von Miller when they were both sidelined from their respective sport for a similar knee injury.

Detroit Lions - Eminem

Yes, even the Lions have a few famous and loyal fans, despite their long drought! It’s not surprising that Eminem is a fan of the Lions. He has been repping the city of Detroit for years. In fact, in 2018, the Lions actually chose Eminem to be their “honorary captain” before one of their games, letting him do the pre-game coin toss.

Green Bay Packers - Lil Wayne

It’s a little more surprising that Lil Wayne is a Pack fan, considering he has deep roots in New Orleans. But he’s loved the Packers since he was a teen. In 1997, after the Packers beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, there were Packers towels and cups throughout his home, and he’s been a fan ever since. In 2021, he released a song about the Packers, called “Green and Yellow”.

Houston Texans - Simone Biles

Simone Biles grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas and has been a fan her whole life. Considering she was born in 1997, and the team was founded in 1999, she’s actually been a fan of the team for ITS whole life, too. Before she was a four-time gold medal Olympic gymnast in 2016, she had the opportunity to announce two of the Texans’ draft picks. In 2017, she was named an honorary member of the Texans’ cheerleading squad, getting to cheer in the uniform on the sidelines during a game.

Indianapolis Colts - Rob Lowe

He’s a Colts fan AND he plays one on TV. The “Parks and Recreation” actor is even friends with the Colts owner, Jim Irsay. He often attends the Colts’ home games and if you see him around, there is a good chance you’ll see him sporting Colts gear. Back in 2007, when the Colts were on their way to the Super Bowl, Fox Sports reported that he was at every single game.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Bill Murray

An Illinois native, it’s a little surprising that Bill Murray is a fan of Jacksonville. But he’s been a loyal fan since the early 2000s, the days of coach Jack Del Rio, whom he even helped to break down some film. He’s also attended their training camps and played golf with former Jags quarterback Blake Bortles. It’s unknown exactly why he’s a fan of the Jaguars since he’s such a huge Chicago baseball fan, but I would love to hear the story.

Kansas City Chiefs - Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd moved to Kansas with his family when he was a young boy and he became a fan of all the local sports there. He regularly attends the Chiefs games and even narrated the entire season of the NFL show “Hard Knocks” when Kansas City was the focus. In 2020, when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Rudd was invited onto the field to hold the Lombardi Trophy as the team passed it around.

Las Vegas Raiders - Ice Cube

Rapper Ice Cube refers to himself as the president of Raider Nation. He grew up in Los Angeles, which the Raiders once called home, and has supported them through their moves to Oakland and Las Vegas. He is a fan no matter where they go, saying he’ll go where the team goes. He even helped produce a whole documentary about them, called “Straight Outta L.A.”.

Los Angeles Chargers - Phil Mickelson

The Chargers have lost some fans since their move to Los Angeles, but golfer Phil Mickelson remains a loyal fan no matter what. He’s friends with the Chargers owner Dean Spanos. He upset some people when he said he thought San Diego should have fought harder to keep the team in the city, but he’s still there to support the team.

Los Angeles Rams - Kendrick Lamar

The Rams are another team that has moved several times, but are now back in their second home in Los Angeles. Considering it’s LA, plenty of famous celebrities are fans of the Rams, but Kendrick Lamar is probably the most extreme. He even remained loyal to the team when they went to St. Louis, where they didn’t see a lot of success. During their first day of training camp after moving back to LA, Lamar was right there with them running routes.

Miami Dolphins - Darius Rucker

The lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish grew up in South Carolina, so it makes sense that he’s a fan of the college team, the South Carolina Gamecocks. But it’s a little more difficult to understand why he’s chosen to be a fan of the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Dolphins. But alas, he is. It’s not always easy being a Dolphins fan. In one of Hootie’s songs, “Only Wanna Be With You”, he references the football team, saying “I’m such a baby because the Dolphins make me cry”. He’s also such a fan that he named one of his daughters Daniella after legend Dan Marino.

Minnesota Vikings - Chris Jericho

If I were Kirk Cousins, I would actually be afraid of Chris Jericho. The pro wrestler grew up in Canada, but is a huge Vikings fan and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the team. He may be a fan of the team, but he’s not a big fan of Cousins. In 2019, he spoke in an interview, expressing how displeased he was at the contract for Kirk Cousins, saying “I’m not happy with Kirk Cousins and his $84 million contract…couldn’t even get them in the playoffs”.

New England Patriots - Mark Wahlberg

Probably the loudest and most well-known Boston fan, Mark Wahlberg has been a fixture at the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots games for several years now. He seems especially enamored by the Pats though, making references to them in his movies and showing up in the owner’s Kraft box. Before Tom Brady was traded to the Bucs, Wahlberg could be found down on the sidelines chatting him up.

New Orleans Saints - Brad Pitt

The Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt has been spotted at several Saints games and has talked about them in interviews as well. He even narrated a special on the NFL Network about the team. He’s particularly a huge fan of retired Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He calls him one of the best in the league and will argue with anyone who says otherwise. But even with Brees out, Pitt still shows up for the team.

New York Giants - LL Cool J

Rapper LL Cool J grew up in New York and has been an outspoken Giants fan for years. He started to really fall in love with the team in the 80s, when they had linebacker Lawrence Taylor. At the time, he admits he was torn between the Cowboys and the Giants, but LT sealed the deal for him with his dominant performance.

New York Jets - Adam Sandler

The Jets have been suffering for a good while now, but Adam Sandler, a New York native, is there to suffer along with them. He’s a regular at the Jets games and blames himself when the team loses. There are several references to the Jets in his movies. In “Little Nicky”, the devil is a Jets fan, in “Mr. Deeds”, Sandler’s character buys out the whole team, and in “That’s my Boy”, the then Jets coach Rex Ryan makes a cameo.

Philadelphia Eagles - Bradley Cooper

Remember how much of a hardcore Eagles fan Cooper’s character was in “Silver Linings Playbook”? Well, he didn’t have to act that part. Cooper grew up in Philly and has always been an Eagles fan in real life. He may be a bit less rowdy than his character in the movie, but it was actually pretty fun to watch his reactions during the 2018 Super Bowl. It is likely you’ve seen him sitting with the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie during games and also possible you’ve see him on TV, doing narration for hype videos for the team.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Wiz Khalifa

If you know his music, you know that Wiz Khalifa is a huge Steelers fan. About a decade before Lil Wayne came out with the Packers tribute song, “Green and Yellow”, Wiz Khalifa came out with “Black and Yellow” in 2010, referring obviously to the Steelers’ colors. He has also been known to have spent some time with former player Le’Veon Bell, who he invited to come with him to record.

San Francisco 49ers - Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner is another celeb who has lent his voice to the NFL for the sake of his football fandom. A big 49ers fan, Renner helped voice an NFL Network documentary about the team in 2015. He grew up in California and has been a Niners fan his entire life. He was at the 2020 Super Bowl and has been seen on camera breaking down the games.

Seattle Seahawks - Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt grew up in Washington, so it makes sense that he’s a Seattle fan. In 2016, he called them “solid Americans who lead by example”. He likes that Russel Wilson and some of the other players help out the community by supporting local organizations. The team allowed Pratt the honor of raising the iconic “12” flag before a game in 2018.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, wrestling legend, is a huge fan of the Bucs. He has lived in Florida for several years and spends a lot of time in the Tampa area. He often tweets about the team and even visited them at training camp in 2018. It seemed like they were as big of fans of him as he is of them.

Tennessee Titans - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The country music couple are both from the South and are some of Nashville’s biggest stars, so it’s no surprise that they are some of the Titans’ biggest fans. Tim McGraw was actually a fan even before that though, when they were still the Houston Oilers. Faith Hill, who sang the Sunday Night Football song, was also chosen to sing at the Super Bowl in 2000, when the Titans played the Rams. McGraw was one of the people who helped bring the NFL Draft to Nashville.

Washington Football Team - Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant went to college in Texas and spent a good chunk of time in Oklahoma, and yet, he was born in the nation’s capital and is a true Washington Football fan. He is often spotted at games and in 2015 he even wore custom Nike KD8 shoes with a Washington theme. In 2018, when the Washington Football Team beat the Panthers in week six, he had a good time trolling his teammate, Steph Curry, who we mentioned is a huge Panthers fan.


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