How many NFL players are vaccinated in November 2021?

The NFL boasts some impressive numbers in its vaccine drive, but just what are they and can the league maintain them?

What's the NFL's vaccine rate? What about teams over all? Is the vaccine effort even working? We bring you the answers to these and other questions.

As numbers continue to rise on a national level in varying states, the NFL continues its impressive vaccine drive.

What's the vaccination rate in the NFL?

With the latest data coming from a two week period in October (3rd - 16th), It can most definitely be argued that the NFL’s low covid-19 positivity rate shows vaccinations and protocols are working. This according to the league’s chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills. Sills stated at the time that the league’s COVID-19 positivity rate is between .04 and .06 percent. To date the league has conducted almost 100,000 COVID-19 tests which equates to an average of 1,200 per day.

In keeping with the latest available data, the current vaccination rate in the NFL stands at 94.1 percent of players and nearly 100 percent of team and league staff. What does that mean in simple numbers? According to the NFL press release there were 2,422 players in the league during the two-week analysis period. Using the league's percentages, 2,279 were vaccinated and 143 were not. With regard to an overview, 30 of the NFL's 32 teams have a player vaccination rate of 95% or more.

The NFL is a vaccination model, but work remains

Speaking on the NFL's continued effort Stills spoke of achievement, “We’re continuing to work with the players association on the goal of 100 percent vaccination,” Sills said. “The CDC has been in contact with us about how that is achieved, a vaccination success story, and is pointing to the NFL as a model for other parts of society.” While the news is positive Stills knows there is a ways to go. Recently, the Cardinals had a cluster of COVID-19 cases. Amongst those infected were edge rusher Chandler Jones and head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

“Of the first seven cases in Arizona, five were different strains of the virus,” Sills said, pointing to the idea that the exposures occurred outside the team facility. “Definitely the impact of vaccinations, we’re not seeing the clustering or uncontrolled spread of the virus. Nor are we seeing the uncontained, unexplainable, uncontrolled spread we saw last year,” he added.

The NFL is studying and testing

At present the NFL is in the process of conducting a voluntary study of antibody levels to measure and compare those who have been vaccinated, when and which medication was administered. In addition the study also looks at whether or not the individual actually had covid-19. Stills referred to the effort as a “unique study because of size and the frequent testing."

Aside from these efforts, the NFL is still continuing to test rigorously. The league's covid-19 health and safety protocols mandate regular testing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated players and staff.