Selena Gomez bares all in promotion of new song, ‘Love On’: here’s what we know

The actress and singer posted a series of photos in an attempt to promote her new song, with one in particular raising eyebrows.

Selena Gomez is one of the American faces who has been best able to take advantage of the stardom they acquired during their youth. The actress became one of the most prominent performers in series such as ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, ‘The Adventures of Zack and Cody’ and, above all, ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’, where she is set to make a return appearance.

But her professional career is not only limited to being an actress: she is also a singer. At first she began recording for different Disney Channel projects before collaborating with the Jonas Brothers and eventually she launched her own successful solo career, while working with artists such as Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

Selena, who has approximately 430 million followers on her Instagram account (which she said she will delete), shared several photos in an attempt promote her next song, Love On, which will be released on February 22. The publication, which has well over six million likes, documents her trip through Paris.

In the photos, we can see Selena having a croissant with a coffee or a chocolate on a terrace in the French capital, posing in a room with visual effects or enjoying the streets around the Eiffel Tower. However, there is one that doesn’t particularly fit in with the rest in which she appears naked in a bathtub, covered only by bath foam.

In addition to singer and actress, Selena Gomez is also an extremely successful - and rich - entrepreneur. Just looking at her Instagram followers, where she is the most viewed woman on the social platform, gives you an idea of her influence. The huge following also allows her to use the site as a business itself, in which she receives astronomical contracts from different brands, charging a whopping $1.5 million for each post she shares on Instagram.

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