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‘Titanic’ deleted scenes honor several real-life passengers

‘Titanic’ deleted scenes could have resulted in an even more heartbreaking ending

Titanic: Jack cabía en la puerta con Rose, esto respondió Kate Winslet

James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ is a film that knows how to pull on heartstrings. Released in 1997, the film has since made history, making generations cry with its heartbreaking plot for the past 25 years.

But as it turns out, the film could have been even more of a heart-wrenching affair if many of the deleted scenes, many of which honor the real-life survivors of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, were kept in the film.

Since much of the drama in the film revolves around the love between Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose Dewitt Bukater (played by Kate Winslet), many of these scenes distract the viewer from their story.

The film stands 3 hours and 14 minutes long, another reason that many scenes were removed.

Here are some of the untold stories kept out of the famous film.

Rescuing of a Chinese sailor

Fang Lang was one of six Chinese passengers who survived the sinking of the Titanic. In the deleted scene, he is rescued when Fifth Officer Harold Lowe sees him crouching on a floating door frame.

When Lang and his Chinese colleagues arrived in New York, they were detained by U.S. Immigration officers, before being escorted back to their ship, the Donaldson Line’s Annetta.

Isidor and Ida Straus

Isidor and Ida Straus were an elderly couple seen in the movie embracing as their room filled with water. What isn’t shown is when Isidor tries to convince Ida to join him on a lifeboat, which she refused, saying: “We’ve been together for 40 years, where you go, I go, don’t argue with me Isidor.”

Charles Joughin, the drunk baker

In the movie, Jack and Rose see a drunk man on the bow of the Titanic who was actually Charles Joughin, an English-American chef and also the chief baker of the Titanic. When he heard that everyone was boarding lifeboats, he sent his crew to give food to those on the lifeboats.

When he was asked to join one of the lifeboats, he refused, instead helping himself to a drink of half a tumbler of brandy. Despite his inebriated state, he managed to hoist himself onto debris, paddling the freezing waters until he was rescued by a lifeboat.

Benjamin Guggenheim requesting brandy

Another passenger who preferred to deal with being onboard a sinking ship with alcohol, Benjamin Guggenheim refuses a life jacket and instead requests a brandy.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Guggenheim and his Valet, Victor Giglio change to evening wear, saying “We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.”

Both men died aboard the sinking ship.

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