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Johnny Depp v Amber Heard summary news: 27 june

Depp awarded $15 million in damages as jury finds in his favour

Depp v Heard aftermath: latest news

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard aftermath: headlines

- Johnny Depp rep on talk of $300m Disney deal: "This is made up"

- Paul McCartney show of support "helpful" for Depp, PR expert says

- Judge Azcarate makes $10.3m defamation award official

- Amber Heard legal team formally confirm appeal against trial verdict

- Heard must post $11m suspension bond to appeal verdict

- Tickets go on sale for Hollywood Vampires' tour of Germany, Luxembourg in 2023

- Depp presently on Scandinavian leg of tour with guitarist Jeff Beck

Take a look at some of AS USA's related news pieces:

Depp representative plays down talk of $300m Disney deal

A member of Johnny Depp’s camp has poured cold water on suggestions that the actor is in talks with Disney over a big-money comeback to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

A report on PopTopic claimed Depp is working on a $300m deal to return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, the news site citing a source who said: "Disney is very interested in patching up their relationship with Johnny Depp.”

However, a representative for Depp has told NBC News: “This is made up.”

Tickets for Hollywood Vampires tour go on sale

Tickets for the Hollywood Vampires' European tour next summer went on sale on Monday morning. The supergroup, which Johnny Depp formed alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in 2015, is to play six concerts in Germany and Luxembourg in June 2023.

McCartney support "helpful" for Depp, PR expert says

Paul McCartney’s Glastonbury show of support for Johnny Depp (see earlier post) will be “a boost” and “helpful” to the actor, a public relations expert says.

“From a PR perspective any good PR Depp can get, whether that's from friends, actors, singers or other celebrities, is going to boost his public persona,” Rochelle White told the Daily Mail.

“McCartney is well respected across the board, with both young and old people knowing who he is. And Glastonbury is a world stage so it will reach a huge audience.

This will be helpful for Depp. He is making baby steps towards rebuilding his public image so it's crucial he's seen with the right people around him. That will help him to secure movie deals and opportunities he didn't have before.

“He's certainly on the road to redemption, but it's not going to be easy and there are still a lot of people who do not like him.”

Heard's emotions on witness stand don't mean she was lying, experts say

The way Amber Heard behaved on the witness stand should not necessarily be taken as evidence that she was lying, experts have told Insider.

A Depp v Heard jury member last week told Good Morning America that the Aquaman star “didn’t come across as believable” in court, explaining: “It seemed like she was able to flip the switch on her emotions. She would answer one question and she would be crying and two seconds later she would turn ice cold. It didn’t seem natural.”

However, Dr Kate Porterfield of Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma says such sudden emotional shifts can occur when survivors talk about traumatic experiences, as they first become agitated then seek to calm themselves down.

"Thus, the person can then appear flat, detached, and disconnected," Porterfield said. "All of this is difficult for juries to understand because it seems counterintuitive that a person could look flat or maybe even bored."

Dr Jim Hopper of Harvard Medical School said that it was “only human” for jurors to be swayed by witness’ outward emotions, but added: “The question is what knowledge base do you have? […] If they were someone who was traumatized, then are you capable of empathizing with someone who might express that trauma in a variety of different ways?"

Key moments from the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial

Latest News

Key moments from the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial

AS USA's Jennifer Bubel has put together a video looking back over some of the crucial moments in the six-week Depp v Heard trial.

Depp social-media following soars in wake of Heard trial

Johnny Depp’s social-media following has rocketed in the wake of his defamation trial win over Amber Heard, Republic World reports.

According to the publication, the 26 million followers enjoyed by Depp’s official Instagram profile is around 10 million more than in the middle of May, when his case against Heard was still ongoing.

The 59-year-old actor also warned fans to be wary of fake social-media profiles purporting to belong to him or people who work with him.

Depp's Hollywood Vampires to go on tour in 2023

The Hollywood Vampires, the rock supergroup formed by Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in 2015, has confirmed it is to tour Germany and Luxembourg next year.

The group has announced six tour dates in late June 2023. Tickets went on sale today at 11am CEST (5am ET).

Check out the full tour schedule


Camille Vasquez's Hola! interview

In her interview with Hola!, Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez recalled digesting the defamation trial verdict with her client, who wasn't at Fairfax County Court to hear it delivered.

"The court was very kind to provide us with a breakout room that we use for lunch and meetings," Vasquez said. "We FaceTimed him; he was so relieved, so happy, and grateful. It was nice to see him smile. A mutual friend of ours and I were speaking, and he said, ‘I haven’t seen Johnny smile like that in six years.’ And it’s true.

"There’s a piece [sic] to him now that he just didn’t have before. He was able to tell his story and was infinitely grateful; he was moved. We all were. I still get a bit emotional about it - to give him his life back."

(Photo: Pool/Reuters)

What did Heard tell Savannah Guthrie about Depp trial? Summary, highlights of TV interview


What did Heard tell Savannah Guthrie about Depp trial? Summary, highlights of TV interview

NBC aired the full Dateline interview given by Amber Heard to journalist Savannah Guthrie, portions of which had been released throughout the week. The interview was Heard’s first since losing her defamation suit and counter-suit to ex-husband Johnny Depp earlier this month.

She has been ordered to pay Depp $10.35m in damages after a jury deemed she defamed the 59-year-old in a Washington Post op-ed in which she didn’t mention Depp by name, but described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, has said she intends to appeal.

Read more

Disney offer rumour not universally popular

There has been a very mixed response to rumours that Disney has reportedly offered $301 million to Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise along with an apology letter.

A source told Australian pop culture gossip site, that the company sent a gift basket to the actor along with a heartfelt letter. The studio has reportedly also penned a draft for a film based on Jack Sparrow and is hopeful that Depp will forgive them and return to play his iconic character. 

However, there has been no official confirmation from the actor or his team so far.

I don't presume the average person should know those things. And so I don't take it personally.

But even somebody who is sure I'm deserving of all this hate and vitriol, even if you think that I'm lying, you still couldn't look me in the eye and tell me that you think on social media there's been a fair representation," she added when addressing the countless social media posts and internet memes targeted toward her during the trial.

Amber Heard, speaking to NBC

Depp returns to your screen in July

The long-in-the-works docuseries Boston George, about drug trafficker and smuggler George Jacob Jung, is set to premiere on streaming service Fandor on July 22.

The five-part series features a decent chunk of interviews with Johnny Depp, who portrayed the late Jung in 2001 film Blow. This will be the first new film or TV content featuring Depp to be released since his lengthy U.S trial against former wife Amber Heard.

64th Grammy Awards live updates: Billie Eilish, list of winners, nominees, performers, songs, reactions...

Grammys 2022: Olivia Rodrigo picks up two awards

Singer Billie Eilish has told NME of her disbelief that the overturning of Roe v Wade has had to compete for public attention with the Depp v Heard trial.

Discussing a new track of hers that makes reference to this (“The internet’s gone wild watching movie stars on trial / While they’re overturning Roe v Wade”), Eilish said: “I was in this state of depression, losing my own rights to my own body, and then I’d go on the internet and it would be people giving their take on this trial.

“Who fucking gives a fuck? Women are losing rights for their bodies, so why are we talking about celebrities’ divorce trials? Who gives a shit? Let them figure it out on their own. The internet bothers the shit out of me sometimes…”

Depp feels "no ill will" towards Heard

Johnny Depp bears “no ill will” towards Amber Heard, Hollywood Life quoted a source as saying this week.

“After all is said and done, Johnny wishes no ill will for Amber,” the source said. “He isn’t going to jump on the social media hate band wagon and he just wants to move forward with his own life.

“Johnny can’t wait to go on tour next year [with his band the Hollywood Vampires] and even though it’s a ways away he has a ton of projects lined up to keep him very busy in the meantime.

“Johnny is happier than he has been in a long time and he feels like this is a whole new chapter for him. Music has always been cathartic for Johnny and this is really what he needs right now after all the stress and drama he’s dealt with for the past several years.”

In her interview with NBC Dateline earlier this month, Heard also indicated that she harbours no ill feeling for Depp.

I have no bad feelings or ill-will towards him at all,” she said. “I know that might be hard to understand - or it might be really easy to understand, if you’ve ever loved anyone. It should be easy.”

Camille Vasquez eyeing opportunities

Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez is plotting her next move after winning his case against Amber Heard ... and she's in high demand in both the legal world and Hollywood.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Camille's considering a wide range of career options in the wake of the Depp-Heard trial, and her rise to fame, including media, law and even authoring a book.

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial: Craziest moments and weirdest courtroom appearances


Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial: Craziest moments and weirdest courtroom appearances

In case you've already forgotten about the trial itself, our very own Will Gittins has cast his eye back over it and compiled a rundown of the more unusual moments witnessed during the six weeks of testimony in Fairfax, Virginia.

Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez: "I think the verdict speaks for itself"

Camille Vasquez gave her first one-one TV interview since acting as Johnny Depp's attorney in the recent defamation trial. She explained how she handles being in the media spotlight after such a high-profile case. 

"It's been an honour for me to represent women, to represent Latina women and just be famous just for doing a good job," Vasquez told Access Daily’s Mario López. "I just focus on the work, I'm a lawyer at the end of the day. My life has changed but in a lot of respects it hasn't".

She carefully chose her words when asked her thoughts on Amber Heard's recent interview for NBC which aired last weekend. "I think the verdict speaks for itself. This was about Johnny getting up on the stand, telling his story and telling the truth about what happened in that relationship. I think he did that and unanimously, the verdict was, he was defamed".

Vasquez added that she is only too happy to work with Depp again in the future. "Absolutely, we have another potential trial coming up, in July".

Depp stops to greet fans in Oslo

Johnny Depp stopped to greet fans and chat to a TV crew on Friday in Oslo, Norway where he was due to appear on stage with guitarist Jeff Beck at the Sentrum Scene.

Clean-shaven, and wearing a black T-shirt and fedora hat, the actor told television cameras outside the city's Grand Hotel, "Unfortunately, we didn't get to play the concert but we'll be coming back" and added that he hasn't had a chance to do much sightseeing as "we don't get out much".

Depp and McCartney jam in Making of My Valentine video

And here's Depp and Macca during the making of the My Valentine video. The actor brought along a couple of guitars made by a friend of his using recycled wood which he presented to Sir Paul.

Depp's video appearance during McCartney's Glastonbury set

Johnny Depp has been getting the recent defamation trial out of his system, unwinding on tour with Jeff Beck He also made 'an appearance' in front of 200,000 revellers during Paul McCartney's headline set at Glastonbury on Saturday night.

Sir Paul played his 2012 album track My Valentine during his 38-song performance with the promotional video featuring Depp and Natalie Portman as the backdrop. The two actors use sign language to convery the lyrics in the video, shot in black and white.

Here is McCartney explaining the idea for the video. "My daughter, Stella, suggested the original idea to have Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp use sign language to portray my recent song, My Valentine. It was great having them round. Natalie came over with her husband and new baby, which was very lovely, very family. Johnny came over and he has a friend who makes guitars out of lots of things like cigar boxes and wine cases, and he brought over a wine case-bass for me. He also sent over a little cigar box amp and guitar which is fantastic and so we had a jam. And I had to stop and say we better do this film!"

McCartney has not commented publicly on the Depp-Heard trial but has a close friendship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star and by using the video rather than not, he is perhaps subtly showing where his allegiances lie. However, fans are divided on whether it was appropriate...

What kind of future awaits Johnny Depp and Amber Heard now that the trial is over?


What kind of future awaits Johnny Depp and Amber Heard now that the trial is over?

In the social media age, it is perhaps more the case than ever that the old adage "all publicity is good publicity" rings true. Johnny Depp is releasing an album '18' that is guaranteed to sell in vast numbers, his Dior fragrance is flying off shelves, his band Hollywood Vampires have announced tour dates in Europe and the US and the actor has been tipped to return to thePirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Amber Heard, meanwhile, has reportedly had her screen time in Aquaman 2 bumped up and it seems likely she will get plenty of offers given the media coverage of the defamation trial.

Read more

Heard must post $11M suspension bond to appeal verdict

Representatives for Amber Heard confirmed that the actress will press ahead with an appeal, challenging the verdict of the six-week defamation trial.

During Friday's hearing in Virginia, Judge Penney Azcarate outlined that if if Heard appeals, she must post a suspension bond for the full amount of the $10.35 million award while the appeal is pending. The judge's order says both awards would also be subject to a 6% interest charge per year until the appeal case is resolved.

Depp-Heard trial judge ratifies jury decision

Lawyers representing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were unable to reach a last-minute settlement last Friday, setting the stage for what could be a lengthy and costly appeals process.

Fairfax County, Virginia, Judge Penney Azcarate finalized the verdict in the former couple’s defamation trial during the hearing, at which Depp and Heard were not present.

After 21 days, the case will move to the Court of Appeals of Virginia, and then the parties will have 30 days to file a notice of appeal.

Under the judgment order that was entered into the docket Friday afternoon, Depp and Heard will be required to post their judgments of $2 million and $10.35 million, respectively, plus 6% interest per year.

Depp v Heard aftermath, live updates: welcome

Good morning and welcome to our daily live blog for Monday 27 June 2022, bringing you the latest news on the aftermath to the Depp v Heard defamation case.

A quick recap: a jury in Fairfax, Virginia, deemed that Heard had defamed Depp in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she described herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse", and ordered her to pay her former husband damages totalling $10.35m. Heard, meanwhile, won $2m after the jury found in her favour on one count of her counter-suit against Depp.

Both could be back on the stand next month as Heard's representatives have said they will lodge an appeal...


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