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Horizon Forbidden West: Explorer vs Guided Mode

As part of this guide, we tell you the differences between the Guided and Explorer modes of Horizon Forbidden West and how they affect Aloy's journey.

Horizon Forbidden West: Explorer vs Guided Mode

In Horizon Forbidden West we find a wide selection of accessibility and customization options to be able to adjust the game as we want. There is no type of trophy related to the difficulty we choose, which can be modified at any time, or any other type of Achievement that prevents us from playing as we want. For this reason and as part of this guide we detail the difficulty and customization options that come with the Explorer and Guided mode that are available in the game.

Guided vs Explorer Mode in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Guided mode: this is a mode that will affect the markers we find in the world when using Aloy's special focus. It is advisable if you want to find all the collectibles and not miss anything. However, this may sacrifice a bit the sense of self-discovery offered by the other available mode. Of course, you can change it at any time so we encourage you to experiment with it.
  • Explorer mode: the legendary The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild or the awaited Elden Ring bet on this type of open worlds without many icons or markers. Of course, it is not the same, since this game has been conceived in a different way, but even so, if we choose this Explorer mode the markers on screen and those of the focus will be greatly reduced. This can complicate somewhat the finding of everything we are looking for but surely benefit the explorer part that all players have inside.
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As you can see, these settings can be changed at any time from the general menu or the accessibility menu of the game. Either in the main menu before starting the game or once inside, we can experiment and modify the mode as we wish to enjoy both game experiences and not miss anything in Horizon Forbidden West.


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