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Signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West: where to find them

We help you find all the signal towers available in Horizon Forbidden West and give you tips on how to get to the top on the Signals of the Sun quest.

Signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West: where to find them

In Horizon Forbidden West we find many collectibles available which are optional to obtain but still some are related to achievements and trophies. Therefore, in this complete guide you will find the location of the most important ones. One of them are the signal towers, which can be found shortly after starting the adventure before reaching the Forbidden West. These are abandoned Carja structures on top of which there is a satellite dish that we can loot to obtain lenses. Below we tell you everything you need to know about it, besides leaving you a map marked with the locations of all these towers.

Signal towers: where to find them and how to get to the top

To begin with, we recommend you wait until you have advanced enough in the adventure to unlock the Sun Wing. Thanks to it we will be able to fly and reach high areas, as is the case of these signal towers, without the need to look for climbing points or get complicated. So, once mounted on the Sun Wing, we fly to the location indicated on the map and when we get close to it, the icon will appear. After that, we simply drop and open the Shield Wing to glide and gently reach the top of the tower.

  • Lens of Dawn: Signal tower at the northeast end of The Daunt.
  • Lens of Morning: Signal tower northeast of Chainscrape.
  • Lens of Midday: Signal tower east of Chainscrape.
  • Lens of Afternoon: in the tower to the southwest of Chainscrape
  • Lens of Twilight: Signal tower east of Barren Light.
  • Lens of Evening: Signal tower north of Barren Light.
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Once we collect these lenses we can use them to trade with Raynah, in the center of Barren Light. In this way, we can obtain green glow (a useful component for upgrading weapons and armor in the workbenches), original face paint, shards and even a copper ore with which to improve our equipment.


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