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Stormbird locations

Horizon Forbidden West: where to find and how to defeat the Stormbird

We help you locate the Stormbird in Horizon Forbidden West and give you a series of tips and tricks to kill it and loot its parts.

Horizon Forbidden West: where to find and how to defeat the Stormbird

In Horizon Forbidden West many enemy machines await us with which we can marvel and which we can defeat in order to get their parts and thus improve our varied arsenal. We can also sabotage them, to be able to dominate them, or mount them to move quickly, with the help of the Cauldrons. In addition, defeating them is linked to several story and secondary missions. Therefore, to help you find and defeat one of the most powerful machines in the game, the Stormbird, we leave you this piece of our guide with its location and tricks to bring it down.

Where to find the Stormbird: location on the map

Aloy must face machines by land, air and water. One of those that crosses the skies is the Stormbird, a machine already known in the franchise that will be a challenge due to its powerful attacks and incredible airspeed. It is related to the secondary mission "First to fly", but we can also find several wild specimens in the locations that we leave you marked on the maps below.

Stormbird Location 1

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Stormbird Location 2

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Tips to defeat the Stormbird

Stormbirds are distinctive for being large flying creatures with the power of lightning. Their weak point is in their chest and wings (we will see it when using the focus on them). Therefore, it is best to use an explosive spear on its chest core to be able to knock it down and make it fall to our control, where it is possible to attack it with other types of ammunition (acid, for example) and even melee attacks.

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In addition to dodging its attacks as much as possible, we can also use the rope launcher to lock it to the ground and prevent it from taking flight. When it falls, placing acid or explosive elemental traps in the area will cause it to receive massive damage and thus prevent it from taking flight again. After that, all that remains is to loot its metallic body to collect a good amount of very useful legendary pieces.


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