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Season 2 Reloaded

How to get free the Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun in CoD Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone receives the Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun as part of Season 2 Reloaded. We tell you how you can get it for free.

How to get free the Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun in CoD Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is already enjoying the contents available as part of the Season 2 updates. One of them is the Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun, a weapon that puts the finishing touch to Vanguard's arsenal during this period. We tell you how to unlock it for free and what options you have after payment.

How to unlock the free Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun in CoD Warzone

To unlock the Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun you must meet a single specific challenge: earn 10 hip-fire kills in a single match 15 times. That is, the last bullet prior to elimination must be fired without aiming. As usual, for your progress to be recorded you must finish the game you are in.

In the battle royale you must head to Plunder mode; don't even think of trying it in the normal modes. Getting ten kills with that requirement is very difficult at one life. If you have Call of Duty: Vanguard head to Domination or Hardpoint, where you will find it easier to get some groups of enemies together. If you prefer to do it in Zombies you will have to eliminate 400 frozen enemies for your ability. You choose which way to get it.

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First paid package of Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Warzone

New weapon, new pack with its initial legendary project. The Black Ice bundle allows you to get a customizable Armaguerra with which you can scale its levels without having to complete the challenge. Along with it come some cosmetics that we detail below.

  • Black Plated – Armaguerra 43 Legendary Blueprint
  • Power Hitter – Legendary Charm
  • Dangerous Wealth – Legendary Emblem
  • Accessorized – Epic Sticker
  • Strictly Business – Epic Player Card
  • 1 Tier Skip

You will find it in the store at a price of 1200 COD points, which at the exchange rate is about $9.99.

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