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Blizzard denies that they will launch NFTs

The creators of Overwatch 2, Diablo IV and World of Warcraft strongly reject that choice after a poll this weekend inquired about the subject.

Blizzard denies that they will launch NFTs

A survey received by some gamers over the past weekend pointed to the possibility that Activision Blizzard would introduce NFTs in its video games. Users were asked for their opinions on topics such as blockchain or cryptocurrencies, as well as other features such as cross-play, virtual reality, and subscription services. Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment, has denied on Twitter that the company is going to add NFTs to their video games.

Andy Robinson, one of VGC's editors, shared an article on the aforementioned social network that referenced this situation. "Blizzard is polling interest in NFTs and 'play to earn' games”. However, Ybarra has replied to the tweet with a clear and blunt phrase: "No one is doing NFTs."

Ubisoft and Square Enix, interested in the blockchain

Although Blizzard Entertainment does not plan to bring any kind of NFTs for its upcoming games, other companies are paving the way for this type of product. Ubisoft, for example, has had to face criticism from users, but also a lack of enthusiasm from its own employees and unions. Ubisoft Quartz is still going ahead despite the fact that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the first game they have experimented with, has already ended active development.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has reiterated its support for this type of technology. President Yosuke Matsuda stressed in an interview with Yahoo! Japan that there are a number of gamers interested in contributing "to make games more interesting."

According to the executive, this will be accompanied by the creation of "new features and ways to play". Matsuda added that they will provide incentives to use "technologies such as the blockchain", with a view to designing "interesting and innovative content" based on users' ideas.

Source | Mike Ybarra (Twitter)