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Double jump and dash

The best 2D action platformer games for iOS and Android

We have selected the best platform and action video games for smartphones; your best side-scrolling adventures wherever you want in touch format.

The best 2D action platformer games for iOS and Android

The platform genre with a special focus on action and side-scrolling is experiencing a second youth on all kinds of systems. If applied correctly, it is a formula that never fails and that guarantees hours and hours of fun and challenge. And the mobile ecosystem is no stranger to a way of understanding electronic entertainment that was practically born with the industry and that throughout these last decades has left us authentic masterpieces on PC and consoles of all generations. That is why we want to share our selection of 2D action platforms that any user of iOS and Android devices should keep an eye on and if storage capacity allows it, have permanently installed.

Rayman Adventures

We start with a classic among classics in those games about jumping and overcoming all kinds of challenges. And after the return of Rayman on desktop platforms a few years ago with Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends -and its colorful staging via UbiArt Framework, Ubisoft launched on smartphones a truly great game that captured the spirit of such a successful release in the form of free to play with more than 200 spectacular levels and more than 55 playable characters. And is that the Enchanted Forest has problems after the theft of the eggs that sustain the Sacred Tree; our goal will be to recover as much as possible while we control Rayman, Barbara, Globox and company against minotaurs, bandits and many more classic enemies of the saga.


We continue with two authentic Playdead masterpieces that, although they are more focused on puzzles and generate an almost constant atmospheric oppression, also offer a more than satisfactory 2D platforming experience, with sections that will also require some skill at the controller. And there will be no lack of sequences in which we will be chased and in which we will have to escape without looking back; others will offer us jumps and movements to the extreme. And what can we say about its stupendous setting, with Limbo playing with backlight contrasts as rarely seen at the time and with Inside proposing an agonizing and tyrannical world with visual and narrative resources engraved in the minds of those who have already enjoyed them.

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Super Mario Run

Nintendo's plumber could not miss the appointment of the most recommended platformers for mobiles and tablets, especially since the landing of the Japanese company on mobile devices with some of its most popular franchises. In the case of Mario and company, we have a visual proposal based on the New Super Mario Bros. with an endless runner gameplay typical of the ecosystem that works like a charm. And the jump -never better said- of Super Mario to iOS and Android brought us a totally Nintendo experience adapted to touch gameplay, with quick games and a lot of content to unlock.

Little Orpheus

With an exclusive release for Apple Arcade with the rest of the platforms scheduled for 2022, the new from The Chinese Room (Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture) takes us to a dystopian 60s in which, in the middle of a space race against NASA, the Soviet cosmonaut goes in the opposite direction to explore the center of the Earth through an extinct volcano. From here the player is presented with a 2D platforming adventure as imaginative as it is hilarious through lost civilizations, underwater kingdoms, prehistoric jungles and more. In addition, the experience is enhanced by a sweeping setting with truly eye-catching graphics and an electrifying soundtrack.

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As this selection of titles demonstrates, mobiles not only live on the free-to-play market, but also receive premium games with production values that could well pass for other more traditional platforms. This is the case of this RPG adventure with platforms and frenetic sword-in-hand combat in which a knight must face the threats unleashed by the madness of King Valor. To do this, we have leveling up, different combat skills, controls that respond rather well, and amazing 3D graphics with side-scrolling. An evil power has spread through the lost kingdom of Vallaris, a land that you will have to defend with your life despite not being welcome…


While classic 2D platformers have great masterpieces and many other completely forgettable examples, our mobiles (also on PC and Xbox) received a very particular title a couple of years ago that fans of the genre should not overlook. We are talking about Levelhead, a classical game that seems to be taken from the 16-bit consoles and that offers two different aspects: the story mode and a complete level editor. We are GR-18, a small galactic delivery robot that must deliver all kinds of packages to its customers through stages full of dangers with a very original design, with almost 100 levels to overcome. And what can we say about its complete level editor? Full of possibilities that make it almost infinite; a sure value for fans of jumping and retro challenges.


Downwell is already a classic roguelike game, and its mobile version exploits its gameplay like no other platform. As many will know, the game could not be any simpler, although, at the same time, it is full of possibilities. And all this through three simple commands: left, right and shoot. No game is like the previous one; hence its rogue-like personality. To do this we must rush down an endless pit full of enemies to defeat with our semi-automatic boots -other enemies can be defeated by falling on them-. Along the way we will be able to collect power-ups both in terms of health and weapons, giving the player the possibility of adjusting his game to the needs of each situation. A title that we will not be able to stop playing once we get used to its peculiar ecosystem; and retro setting.

Unruly Heroes

Released in 2019 for PC and consoles, this colorful action platformer based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, the famous legend of the Monkey King that has inspired so many works of popular culture, made the leap to mobile devices last year while maintaining its many virtues intact. It is a side-scrolling platform and action title with jumps and combats in the strictest kung-fu style and starring four curious heroes: Sanzang, the wise man; Wukong, the audacious monkey, Kihong, the gluttonous pig, and Sandmonk, the noble-hearted brute. We can also change characters at any time to combine their different skills and thus overcome the most varied challenges and enemies that we will have to face, including final bosses. All this through a majestic staging with graphics that look like a moving canvas.

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Shinsekai Into the Depths

Originally designed for Apple Arcade and later released on Nintendo Switch, Capcom surprised fans of 2D action platformers and exploration with an underwater adventure of great magnitude. It is a title with a certain metroidvania flavour, since we will have to return to previous areas once we have the ability to do so. In the near future, the relentless spread of ice has forced mankind to seek refuge in the oceans, although there has come a time when the ice has made its way to the bottom of the sea. In the skin of an underwater explorer, we will have to make our way through a multitude of dangers and threats, while discovering the secrets of this new world in the depths, improving our equipment and surviving the end of civilization.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

We continue with a classic among classics that never goes out of style and that every action platformer and metroidvania fan with a retro flavor should not stop playing. And it is, surely, the most iconic installment of the Castlevania saga, a title that marked a turning point in the genre back in 1997 and forever marked a genre that today is living a second youth. All this with its original content intact, whether its iconic staging or its refined control, along with a new interface fully adapted to touch controls -and compatible with traditional controllers-. In addition, a new quick save option is added to enable quick games, so common on mobile devices. A masterpiece that can not miss in the internal memories of our smartphones and tablets.

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Dead Cells

We close our collection of traditional-style action platformers with one of the roguelite phenomena of recent years. Dead Cells arrived on desktop platforms in 2018 to later make the leap to iOS (2019) and Android (2020), keeping its proposal intact with a great touch port. A pixel art proposal that mixes the Metroidvania essence with the rogue-like development, resulting in an addictive 2D action game with deep combat and a mobility that invites you to keep making runs to progress, over and over again. Make your way through the dungeons of a castle in constant evolution and face the most powerful enemies to die, learn and repeat. All this through a magnificent port that does not detract at all to the PC and console versions.

Bonus: Sonic Saga

We cannot close this selection of 2D platform games without mentioning one of the sagas that marked the genre forever, revolutionizing Sega’s 8 and 16-bit systems. We are talking about Sonic The Hedgehog and its classic installments that we can enjoy on mobiles through Sega’s retro collection. We have available the original Sonic along with the second part and the celebrated Sonic CD delivery. We can even mention the fourth part specially designed for mobile devices with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and its different parts. A unique opportunity to revisit a classic with ports fully adapted to the gameplay and experience on mobile devices.

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