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Stray looks so much like the real thing that even cats and dogs want to jump into the screen

Social media receives a constant stream of videos showing the reactions of pets as their owners play Stray. You will laugh.

Stray looks so much like the real thing that even cats and dogs want to jump into the screen

Stray is the big sensation of the summer so far. The title from Blue Twelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive has given players a first-hand look at what it feels like to move like a cat. The highly detailed and hyper-realistic modeling has made real-life cats and dogs want to crawl into the screen... literally.

The stream of clips with the reactions of these cute animals is incessant, so much so that one user has tried to collect them. Cats Watching Stray, as the Twitter account is called, is a carousel of videos dedicated to cats in front of Stray. Some scratch the screen; others, on the other hand, move their heads to the rhythm of the cat character's movement.

“I guess we need to wait til the dog passes out before we play Stray,” explains Bryanna Lindsey, a social media user, in one of the most shared clips. "I wanted to get a video because she was watching the cats and then she just went for the tv." That said, despite the hoof almost tearing the panel, Lindsey assures that no TV was hurt.

Stray, "a marvel from beginning to end"

With these words our colleagues at Meristation Spain began the conclusions of their review of Stray, now available on PS5, PS4, and PC: "This is how emphatically we show ourselves before a beautiful and, in turn, disturbing fable starring an endearing cat with a great adventurous spirit. A story that deals with themes such as friendship, loss, and memories, all through a truly unique interactive experience, including skill and logic challenges. And the most important thing about the whole thing is that, upon completion, it leaves a lasting impression."

However, among the negative elements we find "some improvable physics" and its difficulty "not very high". Despite this, it achieved a rating of 8.5 out of 10.