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Stray: guide with all the safes codes in the game

Become a “cat burglar” with this list of all codes for Stray to open doors and safes in the game, how to find them and unlock all secrets and trophies.

Stray: guide with all the safes codes in the game

Long live cats, long live Stray and long live the opportunity to try the game for free for 7 days (you don't need that much to play it, as it even has a trophy for finishing it in less than two hours). The new title under the Annapurna label offers us to get into the fur of a lost feline in a cyberpunk world to overcome all kinds of puzzles and platforms that allow us to bring him back home. And although most of the secrets and collectibles are easy to find, we are going to review several that you might find difficult to find. Specifically, all the passwords and codes of the safes, so that you can unlock 100% of the secrets of this meownderful adventure.

Apartment door code

  • Answer: 3478

Shortly after starting the game, in the apartment where we meet the cyberpunk version of Navi from The Legend of Zelda (that is, a heavy drone that thinks it guides and helps us), we will learn how to use the flashlight and we will come across a door with a code that we must open to continue our progress.

In a room in the same hallway, in front of a piano, there is a blackboard with the code, although it is hidden behind several cans and boxes. We will have to jump up to the shelf, knock down the objects like any self-respecting cat and bingo, there's your code.

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Safe code in the slums

  • Answer: 1283

Let's skip to chapter 4, to the safe near the guardian robot who is a fan of One Piece (spoiler: he wears a straw hat). It is found along the path to the left of it, after passing near a subway pedigree musician.

The password can be found in the Duffer Bar, underneath the photograph above the neon letters that give the joint its name. If you scratch, the paint will fall off and you will see the numbers. And by the way, if you pass it in chapter 4, don't worry, you'll be back in the area in chapter 6 and 7.

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Secret laboratory code

  • Answer: 2511

Finding the secret room in the house of Doc / Seamus is perhaps the most difficult code of the whole game. You will have to investigate the house like Sherlock Holmes and not leave a cushion to lift. On one wall of it, for example, there is a picture of Seamus with his father that we can scratch and throw. Behind it we will discover a message that says "Time will tell".

That is the clue. Now look for the clocks in the house and you will see that they all mark an exact time which, when combined, will give you the code to the secret laboratory. A laboratory to which you will access by throwing another photo of Seamus under the one where the access panel is.

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Chapter 10 Safe Code

  • Answer: 8542

The last safe of the game is found in chapter 10, in the middle of the city center, in the middle of the commotion and neon lights. It is more difficult to find it than to find its code. It is in a yellow building that has an electronics store at the bottom that you can access and where we are served by a robot with a white apron.

Practically in the same room, but in different corners, are the code (on a poster that is upside down and, therefore, gives us the numbers reversed: 2458) and the safe. You can't miss it and the 100% later, either.

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