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How to get the poncho, cable and detergent in Stray and where to use them?

We explain the solution to the poncho puzzle in Stray as well as all the steps to get the related items, the electric cable and the Super Spirit detergent.

How to get the poncho, cable and detergent in Stray and where to use them?

Go, go, go, go! Less pools and more meows, how are those 7 days of free Stray going? Have you already passed the FOTY (Feline of the Year) game? And what, have you discovered all its secrets? Surely not, I'm sure that more than one of you is struggling with the time trial. Or maybe you are missing some collectibles (did you open all the safes and doors with codes?). Maybe you even got stuck in the poncho puzzle, the electric cable and the Super Spirit detergent.

It is with that puzzle that we are going to give you a helping hand today. It's a puzzle that while you can advance and do in chapter 4, it's not until chapter 6 that it becomes indispensable to advance in the story. Its mechanics and workings are as old as Link's Awakening. We need something from one person, but that person will only give it to us in exchange for a second thing that a second person has, which asks for a third... and so on until it's complete gibberish. So let's go step by step to see where everything is and how to get it.

Where is the poncho store in Stray?

In the Suburbs, the area where chapters 4, 6 and 7 take place, you can find a store called "Grandma's Clothes" where a robot offers to knit us a poncho if we bring him the necessary materials. Getting there is very easy. From the center of the area, where the Guardian robot is, go down the middle street to the end, turn left when you have no choice and then turn right. At the end of that alley you will find the store, which looks like this:

Full screen

How to get an electric cable?

To make the poncho, Grandma needs an electric cable, which is obtained by trading with Azooz, the merchant just to the right of the Guardian robot, down some stairs. But of course, Azooz doesn't trade with coins, he trades, and to give us the electric cable he asks for a Super Spirit Detergent. Here you can see it:

Full screen

How to get Super Spirit detergent?

It's easy. Go up to the roofs of the Suburbs and in the central area you will find two robots passing buckets of paint from one roof to another. If you stand next to Vapora, the one located at a lower altitude, and start meowing when he makes the throws, you will eventually break his concentration and cause one of the buckets to fall into the street.

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At that moment, the owner of the shop where the paint has fallen will go out to clean up the mess, leave the door of his establishment open and... Bingo! It is a washing machine store where they have Super Spirit detergent. Take it, go back to Azooz, give it to him to get the electric cable and then go with him to see Grandma to get the poncho.

Full screen

Where is the cold robot to give the poncho to?

Once you have the poncho, on the same street as Grandma's store you will find a door with a sign that reads: "Elliot Programming."

If you scratch the door, after a few seconds a robot will appear and you will have to take the opportunity to sneak into the building and go up to the second floor, where you will find a second robot shivering with cold. This character, Elliot, is essential to advance in the story, so...

Full screen

Puzzle completed!