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Pokémon GO September 2022: best counters to beat Giovanni

Once again, the leader of Team GO Rocket is the number 1 target for any Pokémon GO player. We tell you how to defeat him with the best counters.

Pokémon GO September 2022: best counters to beat Giovanni

If you are a player of Pokémon GO, the famous game for Android and iOS mobiles, you know that tackling a new month means fighting once again against Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket. This time, victory results in an assured encounter with the desired Shadow Latios, so it's the perfect time to review the best counters to defeat him this September.

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How to find Giovanni in Pokémon GO?

As usual, the first thing you need is the Super Rocket Radar, available if you are level 8 trainer and have entered the game during the month of July, sometime after the 9th. You get it during phase 4 of the research Field Notes: Team GO Rocket. Then it will be time to search for Giovanni in your vicinity (remember to have the Super Rocket Radar equipped). While you are looking for him, it is very likely that you will come across Team GO Rocket recruits disguised as him, so you will have to finish them off until you find the real Giovanni and get a meeting with Dark Latios after defeating him.

First Pokémon in the battle against Giovanni

  • Persian: its faithful companion for many years is of the Normal type, so it is best to use Fighting type Pokémon. Lucario, Hariyama, Heracross and Blaziken (Counter Attack), Machamp (Dynamic Punch) or Infernape (Rock Smash) are very good options to defeat Persona easily. All of the above moves are quick attacks, as using the charged attack at this early stage of the fight would be a waste.

Second Pokémon in the battle against Giovanni

In the second phase of the battle, Giovanni has 3 different Pokémon. It is not possible to know which one you will have to face, so the best idea is to evaluate all the possibilities and to have a versatile team capable of facing his chosen one without problems.

  • Machamp: as a good exponent of the Fighting type, we are not going to complicate ourselves against it; any option of the Psychic type is more than enough to finish it in the blink of an eye. Gardevoir, Cresselia and Mewtwo (Confusion). Alternatively, you can resort to the Flying type with Pidgeot (Air Slash).
  • Nidoking: it belongs to the Ground and Poison types, so you won't have problems if you have Water, Ice and Psychic Pokémon. Articuno and Sneasel (Ice Shard), Starmie (Hydro Pump), Kingdra (Water Gun), Gardevoir and Mewtwo (Confusion).
  • Rhyperior: as the opponent is a Rock and Earth type, your best allies are the Water and Plant Pokémon. Tangela (Vine Whip), Gyarados (Waterfall) and Ludicolo, an ideal choice since it shares both types (Bubble and Razor Leaf).

Third Pokémon in the battle against Giovanni

  • Shadow Latios: the battle will be decided with a very strong enemy such as the legendary Pokémon of psychic and dragon type. The good thing is that you have at your disposal multiple types very effective against him such as ice, dark, bug or fairy. In addition, this time it is convenient to take advantage of charged attacks, so we propose several options that are a guarantee of success: Genesect (X-Scissor), Scizor (Fury Cutter), Zarude (Bite), Sneasel (Foul Play), Cacturne (Dark Pulse) and Sharpedo (Crunch) will make it bite the dust.