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Sony has raised the price of PS5 in many countries, but why not in the United States?

Well-known game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad reflects on why the Japanese company has maintained the console's retail price in the United States.

Sony has raised the price of PS5 in many countries, but why not in the United States?

The PS5 price increase, due to inflation and the global economic situation, has not left anyone indifferent. It is not very common for a console to raise its price after being launched on the market, and if there is something that caught everyone's attention after hearing the news, it is that the United States has been spared the retail price increase.

This is a matter on which the analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners has pronounced, through a chat with the portal Polygon. Ahmad believes it is "unlikely" that Sony will do so in the United States due to "the strength of the dollar" against other currencies at the moment.

“We continue to see high demand for the PlayStation 5 in all markets we analyze and we anticipate, should supply conditions improve,” Ahmad mentioned to Polygon. “Sony will still be able to meet their unit sale targets despite the price increase given demand still outweighs supply.”

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How much does PS5 cost right now?

In Europe, the current price of the console is set at 449.99 euros for the digital model, while the version with a physical disc reader stands at 549.99 euros after the €50 increase. The console's price increase has occurred in other territories such as Mexico, Canada and Japan, among others. In this link, you have all the details with prices for each country and their respective currency.

Nintendo and Xbox respond to Sony's move

Just a few hours after hearing the news, gamers, specialized press and developers were asking the same question: will Nintendo Switch, Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series prices go up? Their companies are aware that all discussions were pointing in the same direction, so they were quick to step forward to shed light on the matter. The answer is no; neither Microsoft nor Nintendo have plans to increase the price of their consoles.

Source | Daniel Ahmad; via Polygon


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