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25 years later, Ash Ketchum rises as the best trainer, like no one ever was, in the Pokémon world

After an fierce battle, Ash Ketchum becomes the best trainer in the Pokémon world after winning the Eight Masters Tournament of the Coronation World Series.

25 years later, Ash Ketchum rises as the best trainer, like no one ever was, in the Pokémon world

Perseverance pays off. And further proof of this is Ash Ketchum, the perpetual ten-year-old who, 25 years after the premiere of the first season of the Pokémon anime, has officially been crowned the world's best trainer in the latest episode of the Pokémon Ultimate Journeys series.

Ash Ketchum becomes the world's top Pokémon trainer, 25 years later

Ash Ketchum has become the new Monarch of the Coronation World Series after defeating Lionel and his imposing Charizard in the most recent episode of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, which premiered on November 11, 2022, in Japan and is soon to be broadcast worldwide in the respective languages of each region.

This is a historic milestone in the anime, as this fan-beloved character has fallen just short of a decisive victory that would prove its worth to the gallery on more than a few occasions. His first notable triumph came when he took the title of Pokémon League Champion at the Manalo Conference in the Alola region in an episode aired in 2019. Finally, effort and perseverance have paid off; in the anime it is already canon that Ash Ketchum is the best Pokémon trainer in the world.

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Ash's achievement is no small feat, as the Eight Masters Tournament has brought together the toughest trainers of all time: Lionel, Cynthia, Steven, Lance, Diantha, Alain and Iris have been the other seven participants in addition to Ash, some of these being some of the greatest challenges for video game players. Ash Ketchum is the king of kings.

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We realize that this milestone may be a pretty big Pokémon spoiler, but The Pokémon Company itself made the announcement with great fanfare.

It remains to be seen what the fate of Ash, Pikachu and company will be after this great victory. An inspiration for an entire generation.

In terms of video games, the Pokémon brand is still going strong. On November 18, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will be released on Nintendo Switch, and on mobile Pokémon GO is still making waves.

Source | Pokémon Official Twitter


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