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Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you play the first four games in the series in an awesome easter egg

Asobo Studio and Microsoft have added the first four games of the legendary franchise in their latest update for the PC and Xbox game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you play the first four games in the series in an awesome easter egg

Microsoft Flight Simulator has not rested since its launch on PC (and later on Xbox consoles) thanks to constant updates and new content that keeps expanding the simulator. And to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise, the developers have added an amazing easter egg that’ll let you play the first four Flight Simulator games completely free. We’ll tell you how to access all four of the original entries of the legendary flight simulator by Microsoft.

Quite a gift for the veteran players

Way beyond the new content that Asobo Studio brought for the current game (including new airplanes, helicopters, unseen airports and more), the developers wanted to pay homage to the franchise’s past by including all four original Flight Simulator titles at no extra cost. To be precise, these are the games launched in 1982, 1984, 1988 and 1989. All of this is playable right now through the frontal panel of the Diamond DA62 in the game.

To access the classic titles you only need to hop into the cockpit of said model, activate the Emergency Beacon and zoom into the main screen of the controls to be able to enter any of the old Flight Simulator included in this update. Even though this is a very peculiar “windowed mode” to play in, you can still zoom in to fit the panel to the edges of your screen and play without any issues. After all, all of the old game’s options are available. It’s all 4 of the full games.

Let’s not forget that Microsoft Flight Simulator has already added content based on Top Gun: Maverick to celebrate Tom Cruise’s movie release in the form of a whole expansion. The 40th anniversary update is already available on PC and Xbox Series X|S for free.

Source | PC Gamer


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