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Pokémon GO gets free Scarlet & Violet clothing: how to obtain it?

Pokémon GO receives free outfits inspired by the clothes worn by the main characters of Scarlet & Violet to celebrate its launch. How to get them?

Pokémon GO gets free Scarlet & Violet clothing: how to obtain it?

On November 18, both Pokémon Scarlet & Violet were released for Nintendo Switch. To celebrate it, Pokémon GO is giving its users free clothes for their avatars inspired by those of the main characters of the Switch games. Just below we show you what these outfits look like and how to get these free clothes:

Pokémon GO: how to get free Scarlet & Violet clothing?

To obtain the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trainers' outfits in Pokémon GO, simply log in to the game starting November 18. Each cosmetic item from these two sets (one from Scarlet and one from Violet) will automatically be added to our closet and will be ours forever.

There is no need to "buy" anything; these items are automatically added to our cosmetic inventory. We can quickly access them from the Shop, and once there, choose the Style section.

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Over there, the closet section will open; in Featured we will be able to see all the contents of this new collection of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet outfits for Pokémon GO. Each set (there are two, one for boy and one for girl) consists of a hat, a pair of shoes, a backpack, and a set of clothes. Everything to look alike our character in the recently launched game.

For now, there is no deadline for being able to get these free items, although this could change in the future. The only way to make sure you can make it in time to get your hands on this free gift is to log in to Pokémon GO as soon as possible and check your outfits.

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