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COD Warzone 2.0: 5 tips to get better results in game

We’ll tell you 5 tips so you can get better results in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 matches.

COD Warzone 2.0: 5 tips to get better results in game

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is the start of a new era for the Activision Battle Royale. The sequel to the 2020 hit game continues to improve over the original with plenty of different experiences available. This time we’re talking about DMZ, the game’s new mode that takes inspiration from the extraction shooter genre popularized by Escape from Tarkov in which AI is an important part of t experience. First time with the franchise? We’ll tell you five tips to improve your results in-game.

There’s a logic to loot: be aware of your surroundings

Knowing your surroundings is one of the first things on your to do list. The new loadout system in Warzone 2.0 allows your exploration to follow a pattern. For example, if you see a Police Department in the map, you know that’s where you’ll find special weapons and defensive items, like armor plates and gas masks.

You need to keep this in mind specially in DMZ, where the amount of loot is diminished and all equipment is a lot more scarce. You’ll find everything in relevant places: Food stores, fridges, pantries… Are you looking for good quality wine? Head to the pantry. Need to get self-revive injectors? Try first aid kits in bathrooms or stores in malls.

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Downed but not out? Keep moving

Imagine your on a building’s roof, you’ve just been knocked out and the enemy team is rushing to get you: drop down to the ground floor without thinking twice. Warzone 2.0 got rid of fall damage while you’re downed as a measure to give players more mobility and opportunity to strike back. As long as you’re in this state you can jump from any height without consequence.

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Knowledge is power

On the other side of this coin, keeping an enemy downed but alive is not a bad idea anymore. If you get close to them you’ll have the option of interrogating them, and after a few seconds of animation you’ll see the exact position of their teammates on your minimap. They’ll show up as red markers.

Don’t forget that sound is also really important. Thanks to the new proximity chat you can figure out if there are enemies around you just by listening to them. If someone’s near you you can see their name on the left side of your screen.

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Start off with your trusty weapons

There’s a big difference between players that come from the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode and those that don't: their weapon unlocks are way more advanced and that gives them an edge in battle. Because of this we recommend you start your journey with weapons you know how to use, or that are known for their ease of use, like the M4.

Everything you do will give you weapon experience as long as you have that weapon in your hands. You can grab your own loadouts through weapon crates, but you can also find your main weapon modified to your liking in any store. You only need to pay up $5000, which isn’t that big of an ask after the first 10 minutes of any match. Once you max out a weapon, hop on to another one and start leveling up everything you can to keep yourself on the level to everyone else.

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Use vehicles with care

If you played the original, you need to be warned that in Warzone 2.0 vehicles are much more fragile than you think. Their tires can explode easily, leaving you stranded in a bad situation. Three or four assault rifle magazines are enough to leave a car in a critical state.

You should also know that there are variants of every vehicle that change the way they can be used. There’s an electric truck that does away with any engine noise, which is great to ambush other players. The buggy, for example, is great for dirt roads and ramps, but not so good in common pavement. And of course, be very careful when piloting a helicopter: a simple nudge is all it needs to spin out of control and end your match.

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