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Akira Toriyama confirms Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's chronology with respect to the manga

The creator of Dragon Ball publishes a letter addressing when the new movie takes place and how this affects the canon of the original story.

Akira Toriyama confirms Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's chronology with respect to the manga

The Dragon Ball franchise is in the news again after the recent announcements related to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video game and the return of the Dragon Ball Super manga. Coinciding with the release in Japan of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero anime comic -the usual comics that adapt the anime through screenshots of the movies themselves-, Akira Toriyama himself, the creator of Dragon Ball, has clarified the chronology of that movie as part of the different plot arcs of the original story; and it has its own plot.

What is Super Hero's place in Dragon Ball?

Toriyama has revealed where Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fits into Dragon Ball Z: “The movies up to now have followed major episodes in the ten years between the original manga’s Majin Buu arc and the final chapter. ‘Super Hero’ is a story right before the final chapter. Thanks to the excellent director and staff, it was well-received as the best yet by all those who saw it! I’m glad I was able to take part in it too!... if I may toot my own horn. With the anime comics, you can easily enjoy that consistently wonderful quality, and might also discover new things. Please check out every little nook and cranny!" shared Akira Toriyama.

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With this information, we can place Super Hero within the official Dragon Ball Z canon, since if we take into account that Pan is three years old in the film, it takes place one or two years before the end of Dragon Ball Z, since at that time Pan is four or five years old.

The new Dragon Ball Super story arc will take place before the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, as a prequel starring Goten and Trunks, as recently revealed by V-Jump magazine.

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