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GOG winter sale: 10 must-play classics you have to get

We dive into the GOG winter deals to discover ten classic games that span all kinds of genres: from classic RPGs, to point and click adventures, to strategy.

GOG winter sale: 10 must-play classics you have to get

Steam isn’t the only digital store where you’ll be able to get away with a big handful of games at great prices: GOG is also celebrating its own Winter sale. CD Projekt’s digital library, where you can find some of the greatest PC classics in history, is currently offering a huge amount of classics with discounts, of which we’ve gone ahead and chosen 10 titles we think are unmissable.

10 discounted classics on GOG

As always, when speaking of games on PC, the RPG is one of the biggest genres, and there’s where you’ll find games like Dragon Age Origins, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and Fallout: New Vegas. All of these are amazing titles that will last you for dozens of gameplay hours each, entirely capable of satisfying any fan of the genre.

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But there’s other genres that go hand in hand with PC Gaming, and that are very well represented here, like strategy (Heroes of Might & Magic, Warcraft) and classic adventure (Myst, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade). In any case, there’s no doubt that any of these titles will be worth every penny.