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Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us) loves Pedro Pascal’s version of the character in the series

Baker admitted that Pascal’s interpretation makes him want to go back in time to his version of Joel and do it in a different manner.

Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us) loves Pedro Pascal’s version of the character in the series

There’s barely a few weeks left for the release of The Last of Us on HBO Max, specifically January 15. As you know, Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Game of Thrones) will be the actor tasked with performing the part of Joel Miller, one of the most beloved characters in the past few years in the world of video games, and it seems like his interpretation has been fabulous, at least according to Troy Baker.

Baker is probably the most prolific voice actor in video games, having given voice to a multitude of characters in the past decade and a half, and taking part in motion capture sessions as well. Joel is precisely one of his most famous characters, and as he himself now says, he might have done everything differently had he seen Pascal in action.

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Pedro Pascal, fantastic as Joel

“What (Pascal) proved is that this character is bigger than any one performance,” said Baker to Forbes during an interview. “Man, it's also earned... I am inspired by Pedro's performance as Joel. I wish that I could go back and do some things different."

You have to remember that Baker will have a small appearance in the series, playing a villain (although we still don’t know of which side), while Ashley Johnson, who voices Ellie in the video game, will play Ellie’s mother in the series, while Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) is now tasked with giving life to the young heroine in HBO’s production.

The Last of Us is almost here, and all signs point to it taking the rightful HBO Throne that has been claimed before by Game of Thrones, The House of the Dragon, White Lotus and more in the “Sunday Must See” section of the network. With Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) as showrunner and writer, and Neil Druckman (director of the games) collaborating as producer and writer, they’ve both let the fans now that they’re trying to stick to the games’ story, but they’re still taking some liberties to surprise new and old fans of the franchise.

Source: Forbes