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Elden Ring gets a demake for the PS1, and it looks awesome

Elden Ring, 2022’s Game of the Year, is still a topic for conversation, now with a demake that shows us what could have been for the game had it run on the original PlayStation.

Elden Ring gets a demake for the PS1, and it looks awesome

As video game companies keep making remakes and remasters, the community seems to enjoy looking back to the past in the form of demakes: the shrinking down of a contemporary title and its transformation into something that resembles the games of bygone eras. Elden Ring is no stranger to these fan recreations, since users have reimagined the title as releases for the Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and now, for the original PlayStation (PSX).

In the following video, you’ll be able to see what an actual boss fight would have looked for the game in the now almost 30 year old hardware. The “gameplay” shows off a fight against Godfrey, but also a snippet of exploration in what we must assume is a section of Leyndell, the Erdtree Capital of The Lands Between. You can even see the player character pick up items and open up the inventory, completely adapted to what fans of the 90’s may remember of their gameplay sessions. Fixed cameras, unwieldy controls, and honestly, we’re getting nostalgic for a game that did not exist.

Elden Ring, GOTY of 2022

The battle between From Software’s latest title and the long awaited God of War Ragnarok was well fought. Up until the reveal of the winner no one could have predicted accurately who would win the coveted award for Game of the Year 2022 during the Game Awards show. In the end, it was Hidetaka Miyazaki’s open world masterpiece who took the victory, but it was still a hard earned one.

Since we’re talking about Elden Ring, don’t forget that the game is still available at a discount because of the holidays. This is the first time the game has been offered at a lower price than usual, and up until next week you’ll be able to find it on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Series S with 30% off on their respective storefronts.

Source | Rustic Games BR (YouTube)

Elden Ring gets a demake for the PS1, and it looks awesome
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