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Elden Ring has surpassed The Last of Us Part II in total GOTY awards won

The From Software title has received a total of 331 Game of the Year awards, surpassing The Last of Us Part II when there’s still more awards to win.

Elden Ring has surpassed The Last of Us Part II in total GOTY awards won

One of the biggest happenings of the past year was the release of Elden Ring, one of those games that undoubtedly marks a before and after, setting a new bar for every open world game out there. The studio’s work ended up being the recipient of most of the Game of the Year awards the industry gives, getting everything from The Game Awards (and Meristation’s own) to plenty of nominations and wins in smaller lists. It even managed to beat The Last of Us Part II, a title which up until now had the largest amount of prizes of this category.

Up until the date of release of this article, Elden Ring has garnered no less than 331 Game of the Year awards, over 322 that Naughty Dog’s game obtained in 2019. Even though the arrival of God of War: Ragnarok was some strong competition, not even Kratos and Atreus’ massive adventure could put a shadow over Miyazaki and company.

World’s most awarded… and what’s still left

You also have to keep in mind that there are still several events regarding 2022 where this award is given that are of great importance, such as the DICE Awards and the BAFTA Awards, where Elden Ring is, once again, one of the nominees and the people’s favorite. And so, a historical year ends for From Software’s masterpiece, a studio that has been working and polishing a formula they themselves put in the public eye, earning huge popularity in the process and creating one of the most successful franchises in video game history.

“From Software has surpassed itself and managed to adapt the Souls formula to a rich world, intimidating due to its scale and its art direction, its freedom of exploration, and the nature of its many, many challenges,” said Meristation’s official review. “An incredible journey that will surely cast a long shadow over every other open world game like Dark Souls has already done over the Action RPG genre in this past decade.”

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