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Gran Turismo 7 to receive PlayStation VR 2 support

Jim Ryan announces that there are up to 30 games in development to arrive with the device's launch, while Beat Saber will also be supported.

Gran Turismo 7 to receive PlayStation VR 2 support

CES 2023 has kicked off in Las Vegas, and one of the first companies to make an appearance was Sony. Through its conference, one of the big announcements made by Jim Ryan was a future update for Gran Turismo 7 that will make the racing game compatible with PlayStation VR 2.

This update will be available from the first day of the device on the market and will be completely free. Ryan anticipated that "more than 30 games in development" will arrive along with the launch of PlayStation VR 2. He also announced that Beat Saber is another game that will be compatible with virtual reality, although in this case no specific date was given.

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Those who want to experience the PlayStation VR 2 right at launch day will have to do so with one of these 30 games because as previously announced, it will not be backward compatible. This means we will not be able to enjoy games from the first version of the glasses.

Sony's second generation of VR is coming

PlayStation VR 2 launches next February 22, and it does so at a price not suitable for all budgets, as it will cost no less than $599.99, in a bundle that will include the device, the two PS VR 2 controllers and a stereo headset. There will also be available a bundle that will include everything mentioned before and the game Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Among the features of PlayStation VR 2 is a 2000x2040 resolution OLED panel in each eye, which achieves a compatible refresh rate of 90Hz and 120Hz. The field of view, on the other hand, extends up to 110 degrees. Another of the great virtues it presents with respect to the first model is the nearly absence of cables, since it will only be necessary to connect a USB-C to the console to play, something that contrasts with the hassle required to do so with the previous device.

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