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Sony has sold over 30 million PlayStation 5 units despite availability problems

Sony confirmed during CES 2023 that the PlayStation 5 has already sold over 30 million units despite having production issues and availability problems worldwide.

Sony has sold over 30 million PlayStation 5 units despite availability problems

During Sony’s conference in CES 2023, taking place right now in Las Vegas, the company announced that the PlayStation 5 has already surpassed 30 million units sold in total. The number is quite impressive when you take into account that the console has been on the market for barely two years, just went up in price, and has suffered grave stock and availability problems constantly.

This 2023 is looking to be a pivotal year for the brand, as during their presentation they also announced there’ll be over 30 titles at launch for PS VR 2, they announced Project Leonardo, a new accessibility controller setup for players with disabilities, and they promised that in June, the “future of The Last of Us” will be revealed thanks to the new multiplayer game that Naughty Dog is currently building. All of these are heavy indicators that the PS5 will continue to grow exponentially, and luckily that they’ve got a plan for the availability issues.

The best sold PlayStation consoles in history

Coming up next you’ll find a list of every PlayStation console organized by total sales. At the lead, as is to be expected, is the PlayStation 2 (it being the most sold console in the history of video games). After it you’ll find the PS4, which also qualifies to be inside the top 10 list of every console from every brand, as well as the PlayStation (PSOne), and PS3.

The PS5 is on its way to selling double the lifetime units of the PS Vita, and has currently positioned itself in the long and difficult climb to the top with its next objective being breaking the 80 million mark that the PSP holds right now.

  • PlayStation 2 (PS2, 2000) — 155 millions
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4, 2014) — 117,2 millions
  • PlayStation (PSOne / PSX, 1994) — 102,49 millions
  • PlayStation 3 (PS3, 2006) — 87,4 millions
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP, 2004) — 80 millions de unidades vendidas
  • PlayStation 5 (PS5, 2020) — 30 millions
  • PlayStation Vita (PSVita, 2011) — 15 millions