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CES 2023

Spatial Reality Display, a 3D without glasses from Sony that amazes

The next leapfrog in technology?

Spatial Reality Display, a 3D without glasses from Sony that amazes

Sony has given a lot to talk about after its CES 2023 keynote, not only for the presentation of Project Leonardo, its new PS5 controller for players with disabilities, the Gran Turismo movie teaser or because Gran Turismo 7 will implement support for PlayStation VR2, but also in its smaller presentations in its booth where we could see part of its conceptual prototypes that solve many problems in terms of capture and digitization for the metaverse, as well as a new proposal for 3D.

Spatial Reality Display

We can assure this technology generates the "wow effect" that we have not seen for years in an event like CES. This prototype shown on a 27-inch screen features eye-tracking technology to be able to adapt the 3D depending on the angle at which the user sees it.

This demo of 3D space images allows showing real size objects, something that could be translated into all kinds of needs, either for doctors to review three-dimensional scans or for designers to take their creativity to the limit. However, when asked the demonstrator if this technology could be taken to video games, he answered "we are already working on it" and only a few seconds had to pass before I could see images worked with a graphics engine, emulating a 3D troll.

As if you could touch it

The feeling generated by this technology is such that we felt like touching it, in fact, we tried to bring our hand closer without touching the screen and we managed to blend our fingers with the 3D object just like in a science fiction movie. The most amazing thing about this patent is that you can move from all angles and you will not have any distortion of what you are seeing.

During this demo, we saw other applications such as a sort of soccer match replay simulator with virtual reality and mixed reality technology developed with their other patent Hawk-Eye. On the other hand, we also had demos of architecture and computer-aided design.

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