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This is how long it would take for a hacker to obtain your password

Think you have a secure password? Depending on what it looks like, it can be hacked faster than you expect.

This is how long it would take for a hacker to obtain your password

There is nothing new to say that there are people on the Internet who are willing to find out any kind of passwords. Of course, unless you are a high-ranking politician or celebrity you don't have much to worry about, but it never hurts to have good protection. For that reason, what we are going to tell you below might interest you, since we are going to tell you how long it takes for a hacker to find out your password.

Your password can be exposed in seconds

When you create a new account on a website or service it is important to pay attention to the indications that they tell you with the passwords. Many sites give you certain bits of advice on how to improve the protection of your password and all thanks to the use of special characters and numbers. In fact, this is key to have a strong password, otherwise, a hacker can steal your account in seconds.

The cybersecurity company Hive Systems has prepared a new study in which it has shown, more or less, how long it takes a hacker to know your password. The following table shows the time and two variants that determine exponentially whether the perpetrator takes more or less time to break this security measure before getting hold of all the data it contains.

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As you can see just above, the data to be considered to evaluate the vulnerability of your password are the number of characters and the combination of letters, numbers and special characters. As you can see, passwords with only numbers are the easiest to guess. And the fewer the worse for you as a user, something we already mentioned when we talked about the most used passwords on the Internet.

How to create the strongest password

The truth is that it requires powerful hardware for hackers to be able to 'break' several passwords, especially because they do not know how high the security level of the accounts they want to have at their disposal is. But the important thing is not to worry about the equipment used, but that you have the necessary tools to avoid all kinds of cyber-attacks.

Therefore, according to Hive Systems data, a minimally strong password should have 11 characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. According to the table, a password of this magnitude takes 34 years to crack, a bit of time long enough to change it several times and to keep your security in check over time.

In case you want something simpler and run away from numbers, the best option is to set a 12-character password with uppercase and lowercase letters, which takes 24 years to figure out and the probability increases almost tenfold if you add some numbers to the formula.


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