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Hogwarts Legacy details its graphical modes on PS5 and Xbox Series and its accessibility

The new video game based on the Harry Potter universe shares how different visual and performance options will be handled on next-generation consoles.

Hogwarts Legacy details its graphical modes on PS5 and Xbox Series and its accessibility

Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter universe in video game format, has detailed its graphics modes on next-generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) and its accessibility options. This is after sharing the minimum and recommended requirements for its PC version. This can be read on the support page of the official website of Portkey Games (Warner Bros Games Support), sharing the first details of the next-gen configurations.

Hogwarts Legacy will have two basic graphical modes

"The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console versions of Hogwarts Legacy support multiple graphical modes of play, the most common of which are Fidelity mode which targets 30 fps, and Performance mode which targets 60 fps," we can read on the official support website. In addition, it is noted that we will be able to choose from more graphics modes yet to be detailed, related to resolutions, in addition to confirming support for VRR technology on compatible monitors and TVs.

Full screen

And is that the most modern televisions offer technologies adapted to the new generation video games, with the possibility of configuring both the visual aspect and the performance of many new video games. On the other hand, there has been a special emphasis on another current issue such as accessibility, detailing some of the options that Hogwarts Legacy will offer..

The accessibility options will have to do with the visual and sound aspects, the controls, the aids, and the general assistance of the game, from menus and narrated texts to color-blind modes, through the size of the texts, colors for the enemies, or a magnifying glass mode. Furthermore, it will be possible to choose between four difficulty modes that can be changed at any time or the possibility of avoiding failures in spell attacks. The set is completed with automatic and manual saving.

Hogwarts Legacy arrives February 10, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, April 4, 2023, for PS4 and Xbox One, and July 25, 2023, for Nintendo Switch.

Source | WB Games


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