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Every Forspoken review on the internet so far: Final Fantasy successor or disappointment?

We take a look at every Forspoken review out there to figure out if Square Enix has hit the mark and whether we have an unmissable JRPG in our hands or not.

Every Forspoken review on the internet so far: Final Fantasy successor or disappointment?

Forspoken was set to be one of 2023’s biggest releases. The newest title by Luminous Productions, creators of Final Fantasy XV, looked to propose an alternative series for Square Enix and strengthen the studio with their specialty, JRPGs. However, first reviews of the title are not exactly revealing a GOTY contender. We have in front of us a wide array of polarizing opinions, with as many praises as there are annoyances.

As our own Borja Ruete said in MeriStation Spain’s official review, Forspoken has a lot of positives: it’s audiovisual presentation is amazing and makes full use of new generation hardware; fun combat mechanics keep things interesting, and there’s plenty of awe inspiring boss fights to make full use of it, as well as the title’s “magical parkour” making for a very dynamic and satisfying experience. However, the game drowns most of these good things in a slow story, and the worst kind of open world possible: one full of empty and repetitive activities that seems pulled out from another time, and that weighs heavily on the full product.

Forspoken: every review so far

The rest of the games journalism industry is pointing in the same direction, praising the fundamentals of the game and its combat systems, which is cut short by the world’s design and its repetitive, boring objectives. A good base, that sadly doesn’t begin to reach its full potential.

With an average of 69 as of this moment on Metacritic, and over 60 reviews around the world, it seems that Forspoken has landed far away from its goals. Here’s a list with the review scores of some of the world’s biggest gaming sites and groups:

  • Gaming Nexus — 85
  • Gaming Trends — 85
  • CG Magazine — 85
  • Easy Allies — 80
  • — 80
  • PlayStation LifeStyle — 80
  • RPG Fan — 80
  • The Washington Post — 80
  • Game Informer — 75
  • Good is a Geek — 75
  • MeriStation — 73
  • COG Connected — 70
  • Destructoid — 70
  • Digital Trends — 70
  • Gaming Bolt — 70
  • — 70
  • Screen Rant — 70
  • The Gamer — 70
  • Variety — 70
  • WcfTech — 70
  • MMORPG — 65
  • TrueGaming — 65
  • Game Rant — 60
  • IGN — 60
  • TheSixthAxis — 60
  • Shacknews — 60
  • Attack of the Fanboy — 50
  • GameSpot — 50
  • GamesRadar+ — 50
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