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GoldenEye 007 cheats: how to unlock everything on Xbox and Switch

GoldenEye 007 is back, and all of the cheats are still there: from DK Mode to secret levels, invincibility and Paintball Mode. We’ll tell you how to unlock them.

GoldenEye 007 cheats: how to unlock everything on Xbox and Switch

Rare’s classic FPS from 1997 is finally here, and with all of its retro goodness, including tons of cheats to alter the way you play the game. From new weapons and characters to weird modes that change the character models, there’s a lot to unlock in GoldenEye 007.

The original N64 version allowed you to enter codes with your controller, but there’s always been another way to unlock all of these cheats: completing levels under certain times. Unfortunately, the new Xbox version only allows you to use the latter method, with the old codes now useless on the Microsoft console. And while they still technically work on the Nintendo Switch, a change in controller layouts and some problems in emulation are causing players trouble when registering inputs.

How to unlock every GoldenEye 007 cheat

What this means is that to unlock everything in these new re-releases, you’ll have to put in the work and beat the game’s levels with certain time limits and conditions. Below you’ll find a list that includes every cheat and its unlock requirements:

  • 007 mode: Complete all missions (including Aztec, Egyptian) on 00 Agent
  • All characters (multiplayer): Complete the story on Agent difficulty or higher
  • All guns: Complete Egyptian on 00 Agent under 6:00 mins
  • DK mode (Big Head Mode): Complete Runway on Agent under 5:00 mins
  • Enemies with rockets: Complete Streets on Agent under 1:45 mins
  • Fast animation: Complete Statue on Secret Agent under 3:15 mins
  • Gold PP7: Complete Cradle on Agent under 2:15 mins
  • Golden Gun: Complete Egyptian on any difficulty or time
  • Grenade launcher x2: Complete Surface 1 on Secret Agent under 3:30 mins
  • Hunting knife x2: Complete Jungle on Agent under 3:45 mins
  • Infinite ammo: Complete Control on Secret Agent under 10:00 mins
  • Invincibility: Complete Facility on 00 Agent under 2:05 mins
  • Invisibility: Complete Archives on 00 Agent under 1:20 mins
  • Laser: Complete Aztec on any difficulty or time
  • Laser x2: Complete Aztec on Secret Agent under 9:00 mins
  • Magnum: Complete Cradle on any difficulty or time
  • No radar (multiplayer): Complete Frigate on Secret Agent under 4:30 mins
  • Paintball mode: Complete Dam on Secret Agent under 2:40 mins
  • RC-P90 x2: Complete Caverns on 00 Agent under 9:30 mins
  • Rocket launcher x2: Complete Bunker 1 on 00 Agent under 4:00 mins
  • Silver PP7: Complete Train on 00 Agent under 5:25 mins
  • Slow animation: Complete Depot on Secret Agent under 1:40 mins
  • Throwing knife x2: Complete Bunker 2 on Agent under 1:30 mins
  • Tiny Bond: Complete Surface 2 on 00 Agent under 4:15 mins
  • Turbo mode: Complete Silo on Agent under 3:00 mins

Unlocking the GoldenEye 007 secret levels: Aztec and Egyptian

For many of the cheats mentioned above, you’ll be required to finish all levels of the game’s story in different difficulties. This, however, includes the two secret levels that can be unlocked. This is how you get each of them:

  • Aztec level: Complete all main levels on Secret Agent difficulty or above
  • Egyptian level: Complete all main levels on 00 Agent difficulty or above

If you’re looking to unlock everything, we wish you good luck: our main tip would be to search for some old guides for the game that help you figure out the best way to complete these levels fast. But know that each of these are worth all the effort of unlocking, especially if you’re looking to have some fun with your friends.