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Dead Space Remake’s New Game Plus includes a new suit, enemies, and even a secret ending

It seems like we’ll have to play Dead Space’s remake New Game + mode, since it comes with a new suit, new enemy types, a different ending, and much more.

Dead Space Remake’s New Game Plus includes a new suit, enemies, and even a secret ending

The Dead Space remake is making strong arguments to have fans come back to visit theUSG Ishimura. According to a tweet posted by the official account of the game on Twitter, the New Game+ mode in the game will be present in the game from launch, and can be unlocked after finishing the game once. This new mode will offer some new stuff to see while playing the game all over again, including the level 6 Advanced Suit, a new “phantom” variant of Necromoph, and a secret ending of which we still don’t know anything about.

You won’t have to wait much longer to try it out for yourself, given that Dead Space Remake is launching today January 27, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Dead Space Remake, an outstanding revival of a franchise

In fact, during MeriStation’s review our friends from Spain pointed out this new content and more for those that are willing to delve into the horror right after finishing your first run. “For the trophy hunters you’ll always have a New Game+, as well as the permadeath difficulty (which isn’t allowed on NG+). The challenge is pretty high this time. Besides, in your second run of the game you get the last upgrades to your suit, new “phantom versions” of the enemies appear, and there’s 12 new collectables to find around the ship, as well as an alternative ending”, they said.

With a 9 out of 10 as final score in our review, we found that Motive Studios took much care in bringing back the original game improved and upgraded for new generation hardware, introducing dozens of adjustments that make for a better experience. From giving Isaac a voice, to hidden connections to its sequels, increased functionality to every weapon and massive changes to the way zero gravity works in the game, it all adds up to make one of 2023’s first unmissable experiences.

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