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E3 2023

E3 goes forward and returns this June, even without Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft

Even after Ubisoft put some doubts on E3 2023, its organizers confirm everything is moving forward and that they’ll be ready for June. Four years later, E3 is coming back into our lives.

E3 goes forward and returns this June, even without Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft

There are many sources that assure that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will not be part of E3 2023, but that doesn't seem to have stopped its celebration. The president of the new company in charge of the event (Lance Fensterman, from ReedPop) has stated that they are "full speed ahead" and that everything is going according to plan, so the most important event of the video game industry prepares to return with swords held high in the month of June. His words are a relief after recent comments by Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft who doubted its celebration. These last few years have been a nightmare for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with two canceled editions (2020 and 2022), one celebrated in a digital format only because of the coronavirus (2021) and a scandal in 2019 in the form of a serious security breach that compromised the personal data of all the journalists who registered to visit in Los Angeles. Will the fifth time be the charm?

“E3 is full speed ahead and we are pleased with the progress and engagement from the community. As we have confirmed exhibitors we are eager to share more as details get cemented and participants ready their own detailed plans,” Fensterman said. About the absence of the big three, the president of ReedPop did not comment directly, but he let it drop that they will adjust to what there is and assures that he has "news to share in the next few weeks on some of the exciting new additions to the Remastered E3 2023.”

In any case, the fact that certain names are not going to E3 in 2023 does not mean that gamers are going to run out of the classic summer presentations and announcements. Microsoft has already revealed that it will do its own streaming around those dates (whether or not it is part of the event) and Geoff Keighley is still eager to go and has also confirmed a new Summer Game Fest 2023. The presenter of The Game Awards has taken over for E3 these past few years and has organized his own live shows trying to emulate the Los Angeles fair, but far from retiring now that it is back,Keighley wants to become its rival and he has been preparing for it for several months. So there will be announcements for all tastes, although it does seem that their condensation to three days and a single place won’t happen again.

Source | Gamespot