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HBO's The Last of Us hides a detail in Episode 8 that sums up the show's major plot points

The Bible passage read by the leader of the cannibalistic sect in the most recent episode was chosen by the show's creators to convey a message.

HBO's The Last of Us hides a detail in Episode 8 that sums up the show's major plot points

The Last of Us on HBO is nearing the end of its first season. The recent premiere of episode 8 opened the door for viewers to discover hidden nods to the source material. One of them was chosen by Craig Mazin himself, the co-creator of the adaptation. We recommend that you stop reading at this point if you haven't seen the episode yet.

The Hidden Detail in Episode 8 of The Last of US HBO

In the official podcast dedicated to the creation of this episode, Mazin explains that they introduced a twist that would be discovered mainly by the most enthusiastic fans of the franchise. During one segment, David, the leader of the cannibalistic sect, chooses to read Revelation 21 from the Bible. It's not a random choice: Mazin and his team chose it because of the message it conveys.

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The creative reveals in the podcast that they decided to do this because "the passage is about rebirth, building a better world than before, and overcoming tragedy and pain. As reported by ScreenRant, Mazin emphasizes that "this typifies the theme of The Last of Us, which is trying to build a better world than the one ravaged by Cordyceps through Ellie. Through David's words, the message that conveys the roots of the work is expanded.

This is not the only relevant moment for fans. The series has undergone a number of small changes during the adaptation process, and one of the most memorable moments for fans, the winter scene with the rabbit, has been removed. On the other hand, the fans of the game will not miss the participation of Troy Baker and his ending. The actor who played Joel in the video game has joined the series with a role that has brought him to the forefront and it's hard not to notice.

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