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Steam Spring Sale 2023: 10 amazing indie game hidden gems you can’t miss

Spring has come around and to celebrate, Valve has just started a Steam Sale. So let’s take a look at some amazing indie games that you may not know about.

Steam Spring Sale 2023: 10 amazing indie game hidden gems you can’t miss

The Steam Spring Sale has just begun, and there’s thousands of game currently on offer with discounts that go all the way to 95% off. So just in case you still didn’t know what you wanted to get, we’ve gathered a small list of indie titles you may not have heard of.

While not as popular as some of the bigger indie hits everyone know about (like Hollow Knight, Terraria, Stardew Valley, or the recently released Pizza Tower), all of the following games are worthy of attention and could very well become fan favorites. There’s a little bit of everything here, from action packed metroidvanias to lo-fi horror text adventures, roguelites, epic sidescrollers, and much more. You simply need to take a look at their official steam page to figure out whether it’d be interesting for you or not.

10 awesome indie game hidden gems

You may find this list quite varied in both genre and tone, but rest assured that each of these titles is worth every penny. In Fashion Police Squad you’ll take on the role of a Fashion officer, tasked with saving the city from bad taste in clothes with strange weapons in what is basically a retro Boomer Shooter.

Young Souls is a coop Beat-em Up RPG with amazing animation, and quite an intriguing story that’ll keep you glued to the controller until its conclusion.

In WORLD OF HORROR, you’ll find yourself stuck in a small town in Japan besieged by supernatural forces, with its roguelite and random nature bringing you face to face with horrors beyond imagination. It’s weird, but also terrifying and grotesque.

And last but definitely not least, you have the one and only Trombone Champ. This rhythm game takes you through the journey of a Trombone player, in an epic story (not really) that to not spoil its amazing twists (there’s none, really) involves an ancient prophecy, funky, copyright-free music, and baboons (yeah, that last part is actually true).

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