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Taron Egerton wants to return to make Kingsman 3

Taron Egerton, who plays the protagonist of the first two Kingsman movies, hopes the third film materializes with him and Colin Firth back in the lead.

Taron Egerton wants to return to make Kingsman 3

Fans of the most exaggerated action have in the Kingsman franchise a benchmark with which to compare movies of the past few years, with the adventures of Eggsy and Harry becoming a guarantee of fun since they debuted 9 years ago with Kingsman: The Secret Service. In 2017it would be followed by Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which would add stars like Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, and Pedro Pascal, and its prequel, The King’s Man. And now... there is a chance that it will stay a trilogy? Not if Taron Egerton has something to say.

“[Matthew Vaughn] has every intention of making it, and I have every intention of playing Eggsy one more time,” said Egerton in an interview with Collider. “That was always what I thought I was committed to doing. It's the role that made my name, so I suppose, in a way, I just want it to be absolutely right if we do it again, and I want the story to do justice to the part that really changed my life.”

“I want it to be a fitting ending,” he continued. "And I would, obviously, really hope that Colin [Firth] would come back for at least a part of it, and who knows? We'll have to see, but we are planning to talk about it, actually, the next time we see one another, so who knows? Watch this space. But, you know, he's certainly not backing off the idea."

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The franchise has gathered, in just three films, a truly enviable constellation of stars. Apart from those already mentioned above, there are also names like Michael Caine, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Daniel Bruhl. .. and even Elton John, whom Egerton gives life in the biopic of the British singer, Rocket Man.

Egerton, Tetris star

What is certain is that before Kingsman 3 we will see Egerton in Tetris, An Apple TV production that tells the peculiar story of one of the most popular games of all time. The British actor gives life to Henk Rogers, an American who saw a gold mine in the creation of the Russian Alexey Pázhitnov, and who found himself involved in a tremendous mess where even the government of the Soviet Union took part, with Mikhail Gorbachev in command at that time. The film will be released at the end of this March on the Apple platform.

Source | Collider


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