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Final Fantasy XVI shows off its beautiful world with a new trailer

Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III shows off the ambitious and huge world we’ll be able to explore in the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI this June.

Final Fantasy XVI shows off its beautiful world with a new trailer

As part of the presentation Naoki Yoshida did at the recent PAX, we have been able to learn more about the world that we will explore through the eyes of its protagonist, Clive Rosefield. Named Valisthea, this place is marked by the presence of crystals, around which the centers of power of the great lords are formed, who little by little weave their intrigues and their dreams of wars and conquests using the magic of the mystical power they have claimed for themselves.

The video shows different environments, both natural and urban. From lush forests to large lakes, passing through deserts, savannahs, large lakes fed by monumental waterfalls, castles in the distance, caverns with incandescent lava, and mysterious ruins. Valisthea is a world full of corners to explore, within a medieval fantasy setting that harkens back to the first installments of the franchise.

It won't be an open world

Something that we have already been told a few weeks ago is that FFXVI is not an open world game. Naoki Yoshida himself told us that his intention is to tell a well-paced story from beginning to end, Clive's revenge story through different periods of his life. This does not imply that there is no exploration at all since at certain points we will have the opportunity to explore larger areas, with secondary missions and secrets to discover. In this context, something that gives a little bit more context to the sequence in the trailer where we see the protagonist riding a chocobo..

Full screen

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XVI, the first numbered entry of the franchise since 2016, will be released exclusively for PS5 this summer, on June 22, 2023.